SU Elections 2017 *LIVE UPDATES*

16th March 2017

Tune in throughout the day as we bring you all the updates from the Student Leader Elections Results day, including live coverage of the night itself.

James Perkins 17th March 201710:10 pm

Well, at the end of the day, the favourites won! The biggest shock of the evening was Joshua Chan replacing Cameron Prentice in the 3-horse race for President, but it wasn’t enough to unsettle Alan Holey, who comfortably won – albeit after 7 rounds of counting!

Here’s a confirmation of your next SU:
Alan Holey – President
Martin Nguyen – Activities
Adam Pratchett – Sport
Cassie O’Boyle – Education
Ellie Mitchell – Community
Laura Bealin-Kelly – Equal Opportunities & Wefare
Yolanda King – Post-Graduate

Thank you for staying with us tonight! Remember to catch our Comic Relief and Varsity coverage coming up in the next fortnight

James Perkins 17th March 201710:03 pm

Here’s the announcement of your next Students’ Union President, Alan Holey:

James Perkins 17th March 201710:01 pm

…And here’s Ellie Mitchell, your next Community Officer, following her win:

James Perkins 17th March 201710:00 pm

Here’s your next Sports Officer Adam Pratchett, following his election

James Perkins 17th March 20179:58 pm

Here’s your next Education Officer Cassie O’Boyle, following her election

James Perkins 17th March 20179:55 pm

Your next SU!

Alan Holey – President
Martin Nguyen – Activities
Adam Pratchett – Sport
Cassie O’Boyle – Education
Ellie Mitchell – Community
Laura Bealin-Kelly – Equal Opportunities & Wefare
Yolanda King – Post-Graduate

James Perkins 17th March 20179:54 pm

7/7 correctly predicted by URN…but let’s forget about that…

James Perkins 17th March 20179:51 pm

It is Alan Holey! Your next SU President

James Perkins 17th March 20179:50 pm

Cameron surely to be eliminated next and Joshua to follow soon after. I’m 99% sure Alan has it

James Perkins 17th March 20179:50 pm

Rahul eliminated

James Perkins 17th March 20179:49 pm

Sooty is finally eliminated here…still looking like an Alan is all but assured

James Perkins 17th March 20179:48 pm

Lots of excitement for Alan Holey here…but Francis could nick it…even Joshua really..

James Perkins 17th March 20179:48 pm

Who would’ve guessed Joshua Chan would outlast Cameron! But looks like he will

James Perkins 17th March 20179:47 pm

Francis Dwan 1183…surely Alan here!

James Perkins 17th March 20179:47 pm

1578 votes for Alan Holey!

James Perkins 17th March 20179:47 pm

Joshua Chan with 1099! Who saw that coming?

James Perkins 17th March 20179:46 pm

Cameron only 800 votes, amazingly low! Rahul 600

James Perkins 17th March 20179:46 pm

6145 votes; 8 Rounds of counting! Incredible!

James Perkins 17th March 20179:43 pm

We’re officially predicting an Alan Holey win here but Cameron Prentice could nick it

James Perkins 17th March 20179:41 pm

President coming up now! Who do we think? Alan, Cameron, or Francis?

James Perkins 17th March 20179:40 pm

It is Martin!

James Perkins 17th March 20179:40 pm

Next up Activities. URN predicts an emphatic win for Martin Nguyen here.

James Perkins 17th March 20179:37 pm

Adam Pratchett is your next Sports Officer!

James Perkins 17th March 20179:35 pm

Not all about us though of course..

James Perkins 17th March 20179:35 pm

Sports next, surely Adam Pratchett, making it 5/5 for URN’s predictions..

James Perkins 17th March 20179:32 pm

Slight break in proceedings here, so catch our interview with your next SU Post-Graduate Officer, Yolanda King

James Perkins 17th March 20179:32 pm

One round of counting, of course it’s Cassie O’Boyle!

James Perkins 17th March 20179:30 pm

3 out of 3 called by URN so far. Pretty confident we can make it 4/4 here with Education next and Cassie O’Boyle

James Perkins 17th March 20179:29 pm

Ellie Mitchell has won it! Your next Community Officer with 3129 votes

James Perkins 17th March 20179:27 pm

It’s between Moonisah and Ellie Mitchell but think Ellie has walked it to be honest. Hundreds of votes ahead of her..

James Perkins 17th March 20179:27 pm

5 rounds of counting for Community! Surely Ellie Mitchell..

James Perkins 17th March 20179:18 pm

Laura Bealin-Kelly wins it with the same total! 2300! Your new Welfare Officer

James Perkins 17th March 20179:18 pm

Naomi eliminated. 2 horse race but surely LBK here..

James Perkins 17th March 20179:17 pm

Laura with 1700 in the first round of counting, 800 for Naomi, and 1444 for Tom Stanley in the first round. Should be LBK, but Stanley could pick up some secondaries..

James Perkins 17th March 20179:17 pm

4 Rounds of counting for Welfare! It’s close!

James Perkins 17th March 20179:16 pm

No time to delay, up next is Equal Opportunities & Welfare! We predict Laura Bealin-Kelly, with Tom Stanley running her close

James Perkins 17th March 20179:14 pm

It’s Yolanda with over 2300 votes! Your new Post-Graduate Officer!

James Perkins 17th March 20179:14 pm

1 Round of counting! Surely Yolanda!

James Perkins 17th March 20179:10 pm

The announcement for your next SU Post-Graduate Officer is coming up in the next 5 minutes. URN predict an easy victory for Yolanda King, followed by Paige Roden, Anthony Alduino, and Manuel Besares respectively.

Stay tuned!

James Perkins 17th March 20178:50 pm

Our expert pundit Dom Nolan has his say on the upcoming Equal Opportunities and Welfare announcement:

James Perkins 17th March 20178:42 pm

There’s a slight break in proceedings here. Full-Time officer announcments are coming up in 15 minutes

James Perkins 17th March 20178:29 pm

Our expert pundit Beth Higginson offers her thoughts on the race for Post-Graduate Officer:

James Perkins 17th March 20178:26 pm

Your next Internationals Officers will be Hemanth & Loren

James Perkins 17th March 20178:26 pm

Your next Women’s Officer will be: Ruby Harrison

James Perkins 17th March 20178:22 pm

Your next LGBT+ Officer will be: Chris Smith

James Perkins 17th March 20178:21 pm

Your next Mature Students Officer will be: Adele Purdy

James Perkins 17th March 20178:20 pm

Your next Students with Disabilities Officers will be: Alice & Eden

James Perkins 17th March 20177:39 pm

The night is underway with our first La La Land joke of the evening being swiftly followed by a 7 Legged joke. Remember to text or Tweet in with who you want to win for a chance to win 4 free Ocean tickets for tonight!

James Perkins 17th March 20176:59 pm

We’re broadcasting live now!

Remember if you’re listening at home, you can win 4 tickets to tonight’s sold-out Ocean by sending us a free webtext (or real text 07903 545 252), with the name of the candidate you want to win, with your own name and phone number so we can contact you!

James Perkins 17th March 20176:52 pm

Elections Corner: The race for Activities Officer

Out of the 7 Full-Time Officers, two of them have been uncontested. Activities, like Sport, is another major uncontested position. Initially, Martin was running against Joe McGeehan, but he decided to drop out at the last minute. Despite running uncontested Martin has had a strong campaign presence. Having a recognisable brand, Martin and his Friends marketing has proved that he knows what students want and what they like.

Surprisingly, our exit polls suggested Joe might actually pick up some votes. Strange since Martin has run one of the most visible campaigns of the year. Realistically, the absent Joe won’t trouble Martin, and I for one am confident that he will win and is fit for the roll – he’ll be there for us.

– Shivani Dave

James Perkins 17th March 20176:36 pm

People are beginning to arrive at the EMCC for tonight’s results. Remember, we’re broadcasting from here live at 7pm!

James Perkins 17th March 20175:08 pm

Elections Corner: The race for Sports Officer
One of the major discussion topics this year across the university has been sports – namely the new David Ross Sports Village (DRSV) which has reached its completion early this year. Thus, one would expect that this year’s race for SU sports officer would be one of the hotly contested raced of the year. Instead it has been a pretty boring race with only one candidate, Basketball President and Vice Chairperson for Welfare in Sport Adam Pratchett, running for the position.
Speaking to Adam and his campaign team and hearing him speak throughout the week, there is a hint of disappointment that he is running uncontested, this has been shown by the lackadaisical campaign. Maybe it shows that no one really felt they could oppose him but it has made for a disappointing race in what is normally the most followed.
He has the experience for the job and this comes through on the manifesto with a large focus on welfare inclusivity and participation. There is no mention of gym membership but he has reiterated that he has spoken to Dan Tilly about this and that lowering the price is not feasible. His manifesto comes across as very feasible. While one would assume he will win, it will be interesting to see how many votes reopen nominations gets, especially after a very poorly executed campaign where there was little ‘head and shoulders’ presence.
– Amar Mehta

James Perkins 17th March 20174:15 pm

Elections Corner: The race for Education Officer

Education – a university’s primary reason for existence.

The race for Education is contested between only two candidates, the only race of its kind barring the candidates for Students with Disabilities. The orange of Cassie O’Boyle against the green of Declan Greaves. Although there is clear affability between the two, this can be seen in person and heard from in their joint appearances on media, both are very passionate and strongly desire the job. Both candidates certainly seem to have the experience for the role, but from manifestos, it seems Cassie edges Declan in this regard.

In their manifestos, Cassie focuses more on satellite campuses whilst Declan targets support for year abroad students. The campaigning for Education has noticeably not been as visible as other officer positions; both candidates are equal in this regard. This exacerbates the difficulty in predicting the result especially considering that satellite campuses could certainly have major impact. However, based on the edge in experience and general indication, I feel Cassie is the forerunner and more likely to be celebrating a victory on the night.
– Fred Lloyd-Williams

James Perkins 17th March 20173:58 pm

Our preliminary Exit Polls suggest it’s a three-horse race for the Presidency with little to separate Alan, Cameron and Francis. Ellie Mitchell and Yolanda King look like the front-runners in their respective races for Community and Post-Graduate Officer. Education and Welfare at the moment look too difficult to call, and there have been a surprising amount of votes reported for Joe McGeehan in the Activities race, despite having dropped out before campaigning!

Favourites are beginning to emerge and we’ll keep you updated as we get more data through in our Exit Polls

James Perkins 17th March 20172:10 pm

Nick has Tweeted in saying that it’s a shame that he – as a deferred student – is unable to vote, despite being here next year when the new SU will take office. – @nicksuttonsmith

Not wholly convinced that’s a huge factor in the low turnout but thanks for getting in touch Nick!

James Perkins 17th March 20171:20 pm

Rachel has just Tweeted in with her thoughts on the low-turnout. Rachel – who ran for office last year – thinks the SU isn’t seen as being active and that Nottingham students just aren’t engaged. “Rebrands and branding officers won’t help” – @rachiehates_you

Do you agree with Rachel? Join the discussion by Tweeting us @URN1350

Harry Robertson 17th March 20171:13 pm

Elections Corner: The race for Community Officer

This year we have seen 4 average candidates take the campaign race for Communities’ officer. Last year we saw a very close race which went all the way to round four, where Abel Hartman beat Scott Jennings by 6 points. It was a close-run thing, but since then Abel continued on the good work done by predecessor Sam Peake, especially regarding housing. I don’t think the race for his position will be as close this year. The batch of candidates overall this year has been of a lower standard than what I have been used to. Over the previous three elections cycles I have not seen a clear favourite, because they have all been very strong candidates with strong manifestos. However, this year, while there is no clear favourite again I think the overall standard of the four candidates is significantly lower.

Looking at each candidates manifestos, the main focus is housing issues – building on Abel’s work. There is also a great deal of focus on safety on nights out and negotiating lower bus fares. While all the candidates mention these policies, I think that Ellie Mitchell and Moonisah Iqbal have the most feasible and attractive policies. Although I don think that Ellie’s aim for Crisis and Ocean tickets will not work and is just a way to grab votes.Listening to their questions times, hustings and speaking to the campaign teams, both candidates are clearly passionate about the role. I didn’t feel this passion from the other two candidates. For me this has come across in the campaigns. Both Ellie and Moonisah have had a strong presence on the campus over the past week, I haven’t seen this from the other two. The winner will come from either Ellie and Moonisah and I think the Ellie’s online presence and well as her policy on tickets – especially her well-made video – will give her the edge over Moonisah.

– Amar Mehta

Harry Robertson 17th March 20171:05 pm

Elections Corner: The race for LGBT+ Officer

The LGBT+ Officer position is the go-to point for all points and concerns for the community within the university. The Officer is automatically the President of the LGBT+ Network but is also the point of contact for any LGBT+ student within the university more widely who may not be a formal Network member.

Chris Smith is running unopposed for the position, but to suggest that is why he will win is a disservice to his campaign. He has been an active member of the community already, having been a Welfare Officer for the LGBT+ Network, Social Media Rep for the student-run charity Out in Education, and part of the coordinating committee for the gender neutral toilet referendum. His manifesto focuses on expanding existing access to the Network, bringing in more speakers, engaging with the university more widely with allies, lobbying for an implementation of gender neutral toilets, and increasing welfare and self-care options.

He is a dedicated candidate who has actively engaged with LGBT+ concerns on multiple platforms, having spoken at an event at the Nottingham Contemporary and also appearing several times on URN. A slam-dunk not for lack of opposition but for a rigorous and dedicated campaign, Chris will be an exciting addition to the SU exec team.

James Perkins 17th March 201712:00 pm

That’s it, the polls are closed! All we can do is wait now. Who do you think has edged it?

Geography is the school with the biggest voter turnout this year (nearly 50%), which is good news for Presidential Candidate Alan Holey, who has strong links with Geography, but will it be enough?

Post-Grad turnout is at a measly 7%, so are Yolanda King and Paige Roden with their strong Undergraduate backing the favourites? What do you think? Tweet us @URN1350

James Perkins 17th March 201711:25 am

With just half an hour left to vote, the turnout has crept over the 20% mark. Still well shy of the 32% we saw last year. Why do you think that is? Tweet us @URN1350

James Perkins 17th March 201712:39 am

Polls close at mid-day. With just over 6000 votes cast, it’s looking like the lowest voter turnout in years.