General Election 2017 *Live Updates*

8th June 2017

It’s been a turbulent few weeks in British politics since Theresa May called the Snap Election. A hotly contested campaigning period has all come down to tonight with Labour, Liberal Democrats, Green Party and UKIP snapping at the heels of the Conservatives. URN will be with you through the night keeping you up to date as the results come in from across the country and our expert panel will be providing their opinions on one of the most intriguing election races in years.

Harry Robertson 9th June 20177:12 am


We’re signing off now, playing ourselves out with Walking on Sunshine by Katrina Waves. Interesting couple of days ahead, keep up to date with all the latest news from URN

Harry Robertson 9th June 20177:11 am

Tories win back Richmond Park

Goldsmith must be feeling smug, Lib Dems bitter after a majority of around 45, took a couple of recounts, Labour spoiled it for Lib Dems

Harry Robertson 9th June 20177:09 am

Final thoughts from our panel now, we’ll be signing off soon

Harry Robertson 9th June 20176:58 am

Anna Soubry says PM needs to reconsider her position

She says it’s a very bad moment for the Conservative Party, getting her name in the hat maybe?

Harry Robertson 9th June 20176:53 am

‘We didn’t shoot ourselves in the foot, we shot ourselves in the head’

Tory MP, Nigel Evans