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"A triumph", a quartet and a term packed full with fantastic music - TERM 2 BLOG

posted 03.03.14 at 5:18pm


"All in all, a fantastic concert that showcased the amazing talent of the students at this university",

Were the final words of Rosie Carter's review from The Tab about the "triumph" of the University of Nottingham Philharmonia's first concert of the term, kicking off what is going to be a term of brilliant live music.

Along with the lunchtime concerts (free entry) at 1:15 every Tuesday and Friday at the Djanogly Recital Hall, we have two mammoth concerts coming up in the next few weeks by the University Choir and the Universities Sinfonia on the 23rd and 30th of March respectively. With tickets only being £5 for UoN students, this is steal and an ideal opportunity for orchestral music skeptics to give live classical music a go!

With familiar tunes like Rossini’s William Tell Overture, to epic choral pieces (RVW’s Toward the Unknown Region, featuring Viva Voce choir) and a piece composed especially for the Sinfonia and Viva Voce by Nottingham University Alumnus, Ed Denham, it is going to be another demonstration of the great and lively music scene at the UoN!


URN's Summer Sessions

posted 27.06.13 at 8:03pm

URN Summer Sessions

It was a long term. Exams and revision took their toll; URN needed something to look forward to and with that the URN Summer Sessions were born. We searched high and low (with additional help from Facebook) to find budding artists from the University of Nottingham who wanted to get their music heard by more than just their housemates.

Emails were exchanged, bands were found and our excitement was on the rise. We held two sessions in the good ol' trusty Mooch. The first one (Thurs 6th June) featured:

Alaskan Faction; normally a four-piece band, stripped back to a duo for very important acoustic-y reasons.

Philippa Jordan; a mellow sounding second year powerfully armed with her guitar.

Finally Van Armada; normally 4 of them as well, but 3 powered through with a slightly different set up to usual, drummer-less and swapping their electric guitars for acoustic.

What's New - The Naughty Sun is Facing West

posted 05.05.13 at 9:48pm

Let’s start with a formal apology for it being SO bloody long since the previous blog. We know your lives probably came to a stand still without your weekly dose of musical therapy, but it’s okay... WE’RE HERE FOR YOU NOW!
So summer may bring exams and dreaded deadlines BUT it also brings long evenings, lovely weather (most of the time) and amazing tunes. There are so many great tracks released in the run up to summer festivals - there is ALWAYS something for everyone.

Empire of the Sun - Alive
It’s been a few years but Empire of the Sun are back, doing what they do best; creating the perfect electro-pop track to give you that extra skip in your step. Now, don’t read the word electro-pop and run away. It’s okay, really. Luke ‘Emperor’ Steele and Nick ‘Lord’ Littlemore know what they’re doing; add a few synths, a bit of a bass, a dash of psychedelic clothing and wait for everyone to turn up the volume.
This is the first track from this eccentric duo’s second album, Ice On The Dune , released next month. If any of you lot are going to Wilderness festival (9th-11th August) this summer, you’re in for a real treat. Empire of the Sun are headlining and don’t do things by halves, expect larger than life productions, dancing swordfish girls and jaw-dropping visuals. What are you waiting for?! TURN IT UP!

What's New? - Green Gardens and Gold Buggs

posted 19.02.13 at 10:38pm

What’s New? - Green Gardens and Gold Buggs

What’s wrong?! Can’t get over all the Varsity amazing-ness? Which, for the record, has been TRULY amazing! *Joins in shouting “UNAAAAY”* …
Lucky for you, the music team has come to the rescue. It's okay, we'll calm you lot down. We’ve taken quite a chilled approach this week, to provide you with the latest music that has graced our ears. So sit back, relax, and hear what we’ve found just for you.

Laura Mvula – Green Garden
Where has this girl come from? A year ago Laura Mvula (that’s Mmm-voola, thank you Google) was unheard of and working as a receptionist. Ten months later and the love for her soulful vocals has spread like wild fire. Her debut album is due for release in March, combining gospel-like vocals and promises as many instruments as humanly possible; strings, horns, bass, harp, timpani, tubular bells. You name, she’ll have it! Laura Mvula is like no other and is going straight to the top of our “One To Watch” list.

Bondax – Gold

What's New? - Give Up on High Hopes Another Day

posted 03.02.13 at 9:01pm

It’s that time of the week again; we’re here to give you a little sample as to how URN can aid your musical needs (but not in the glittery/jazz-hands sense). It’s been a busy week for the station, what with whirlwind arrival of Bastille and 650 of you lot that tagged along. What? You don’t know who Bastille are? It’s okay, no one noticed. Check this out and catch up.
Nevertheless, the music team got together and found something for each one of you… Everybody wins!

Miles Kane – Give Up
Miles Kane has done a little bit of everything. 2007 saw him as the co-frontman to The Last Shadow Puppets with Mr. Alex Turner, then as the frontman to The Rascals, but finally, he has gone solo. Give Up is the first track from his new album, due for release later this year. This bold decision and his edgy new track has got him nominated for NME’s Best Solo Artist of 2013. Listen and see why we’re looking forward to seeing him at the NME tour Feb 12th in Nottingham.

Kodaline – High Hopes