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Women's Rugby - Match Report

posted 26.03.10 at 5:23pm

The precursor to the main event proved to be a much better spectacle for all Uni’s fans, and it was shocking that there were not more. Although not quite as high scoring as the Men’s event, Women’s Rugby Varsity was edge-of-the-seat thrilling rugby. The individual performances coupled with a titanic forward effort dragged Uni over the finish line in poll position against a much bigger Trent team.

Men's Rugby Union - Uni Overpowered by Trent!

posted 19.03.10 at 2:49pm

After an epic game of rugby from Nottingham University’s Women’s team winning 14-5 against an undefeated Trent team, the main event proved that Uni’s dominance would not be total. Men’s Rugby Varsity 2010 was a tale of two teams, two halves and two centres. So much talk before the game about Uni’s ability, their superior skill in the backs and the wrecking ball nature of their pack. The analysis was right, the team it was about was wrong.

Rugby Union - Build Up!

posted 14.03.10 at 9:58pm

This season Nottingham University have won 5 games and lost 7 in a league that included Loughborough 1sts, Leeds Met 1sts and Newcastle 1sts. Nottingham Trent on the other hand, have lost all 12 games this season shipping a mammoth 352 points. This coupled with the pre-season thrashing at the hands of Uni (44-12), would seem to suggest that Trent stand little chance in this Varsity game.