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A Brief History of You - Part Three

A JOURNEY'S END - The Science Show takes you on a journey through space and time, from the birth of the Universe to your own baby steps. In the final chapter of this trilogy, we walk with the first inhabitants of the land, see the rise and fall of the dinosaurs and witness the decent from apes to man. 13.8 billion years comes down to this.

53:47 minutes (49.26 MB)

Sutton Bonington Science!

We travel to The University of Nottingham's Sutton Bonington Campus to explore the research going on there! We talk about flying Oktokopters, CT Scanners so big they've earned the nickname 'Beast' and a revolutionary type of salt! Oh, and Producer Joe plays Sutton Bonington Bingo around campus...

50:58 minutes (35 MB)

Magnetic Levitation - Richard Hill

This week, the science show doesn't jump the shark, but kinda makes it float instead? Confused? Well listen in as we invite Dr. Richard Hill from the School of Physics to talk about the world of magnetic levitation. Join us as we ask all the tough questions about the science behind it. Is Richard secretly a wizard? Will hoverboards ever happen? Or as the Insane Clown Posse eloquently put it, f@!£%*g magnets, how do they work?

49:47 minutes (45.6 MB)

Science In The Newsround

The team pick up on some of the news stories we haven't covered in the past couple months including giant snakes from Florida, bad science headlines (cough cough Daily Fail) and the hazards from meteorites to lunar bases. Let's round up the Science In The News!

44:30 minutes (30.56 MB)

My Weird Body

WARNING: This episode contains discussions of a sexual nature. If you're easily offended, please listen to another podcast. Otherwise, enjoy the show.

The Science Show Team take a look at the weird and wonderful human body. From orgasms in our feet to useless body parts, the human body is a confusing thing. We also discuss the news from the BICEP2 telescope on the detection of primordial gravitational waves!

45:19 minutes (31.13 MB)