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Angharad Smith


Over the past couple of months I have met with as many students as possible to produce a manifesto that reflects the views of the student population. The recurring issue that arose was the lack of transparency in the SU. Many students do not know what the SU does, the support that it offers and the policies that it implements. My aim is to make the SU as transparent as possible, ensuring accessibility, unity and honesty.

Concise and accessible online system.

Interface with links to Moodle, Portal, Blue Castle, Welfare, and the SU website, and introduction of an SU app.

I will endeavour to get all appropriate lectures recorded.

Updated Careers Website and Careers App.

Increased provisions for students when buying houses.

Introduction of a ‘Rate your Landlord’ website where students can rate their experiences in rented accommodation.

Inclusion of an accredited list of landlords and estate agents.

Extension of Week One into Welcome Fortnight.

I will lobby the University to reduce the amount of lectures in the first week.

Increased collaboration amongst Societies, International, JCR, Karnival and ‘Week One’ reps.

Optional sexual consent classes across the fortnight.

Catering for your needs.

I will commit to holding the University to account for the standard and quality of all catering facilities so that all dietary requirements are met.

I will push for an extended mealtime in Halls for those students who miss dinner and brunch because of Sports or Societies.

International Rep introduced into the JCR System.


Introducing a ‘top-up’ system allowing students to refill their cards online, for use on campus and on buses.

Improved bus routes for medical Students, ensuring all students have access to their education and extra curricular commitments.


Larger presence of the SU and SU networks on satellite campuses.

Improving and introducing SU spaces in Jubilee, QMC and Derby.

Increase multi purpose spaces in Portland with improved provisions for Religious groups.

Ed Keevil


Hall Changes

Later closing times for dinner and brunch through a ‘rotation hall system’- Many students through their busy schedules of societies and sports have to miss hall food. I propose that for breakfast, brunch and dinners, those who are listed as having a commitment will have the option to eat at the rotation hall which will close later thus allowing everyone to get a hot dinner/brunch

Introduction of cluster representatives for JCR committees to have as mentors especially the first few weeks- also be an extra outlet for feedback from the SU

JCR roles clarified before people apply so they understand the demands of the position

JCR Executive meetings – Continue to develop the structure of these meetings to improve communication between SU and JCRs, emphasis on dialogue.

Satellite Campus improvements

Inclusion of a SU office on Jubilee, City Hospital and QMC- so that alter-campus students have easy access to SU as well

Endeavour to find a mooch equivalent on Jubilee attracting the self-catered and catered halls nearby while also engaging sports and societies clubs at Jubilee

More publicity through social media of events and ongoing events at the SB Guild, UNAD to encourage inter-campus activity

Continue to improve Union Services off campus at SB Guild, UNAD all self-catered halls and assure those based on remote placements have stronger support systems in place

Society, Sports and JCRs

Training improvements- inclusion of training packs for committee members, more detail on what the SU does, less generic training days

SU to continue to publicise societies and sports events to give them recognition to encourage more engagement

Emphasising to the University the importance of participation and results outside of BUCS
More Collaboration between societies, sports and both where there is potential conflict
Welcome week to be much more society and sport focused (through showcases)

Website improvements

More obvious links between SU and University to encourage society and sports engagement

Bookings through the SU website rather than via email or in person at the office

Continue improving forms and online finance so students have easy access

General awareness

Provisions of catering requirements are in place and highlighted for different cultures within halls

More direct support for internationals, more cultural awareness talks to help with the possibility of cultural shock- SU prospective with cultural edition

Course engagement meetings – work with courses to encourage more undergraduate and postgraduate socialising on courses

More support of general and mental health issues after Welcome Week

Johnny Lawrence


Improvement of our mental health services

Increase the range of food for dietary requirements campus wide (gluten/vegan etc)

To amalgamate computer/internet logins (bluecastle/portal/moodle)

Push for lecturers to receive public speaking workshops to improve teaching

Improvement of social areas in Portland (a lick of paint, new lights that aren’t so dingy, and furniture that doesn’t look so ravaged by angry great apes)

Increase the flexibility of gym memberships

To give a freshers address you might come to by choice

To create a legally safe, shot for shot remake of the first movie of a popular wizard based franchise (Parry Hotter)

To defend the University with my own body from any forthcoming apocalypse

To make mooch a cowboy bar, with saloon doors, saspirillas, spitoons, wanted posters and more cowboy based antics in general

Ben Malone


This manifesto has been created from information and ideas collected in meetings with over 100 Student Leaders within the University. These Leaders include Society, SRS, Network and JCR Presidents and their committees, and who, in turn, represent the thousands of students at the University of Nottingham.

Student’s Union Spaces

– Push for an SU Space on Jubilee Campus to include both functional and recreational facilities, as well as catering options and a box office.

– The Portland Building is undergoing a multi-million pound internal rebuild and refurbishment in three stages across 2015, 2016 and 2017. I will push for a brand new Bar and Venue capable of hosting SU and external performances and events, bookable space for societies and SRS’s and provisions for both faith groups and networks who may require tailored spaces.

– Renovate and improve the existing QMC and Derby SU Spaces.

Encouraging Engagement within the SU

– A tailored monthly SU Newsletter featuring Society Events and Opportunities relevant to individual student’s interests, selected at the start of the year.

– An “SU Who’s Who” issued to all committees to improve understanding of help available to all committees and speed up the handover process.

– A 3-Day SU turnaround for Events Forms and a Repeat Event Form to fast track similar events.

– Online room booking form for Societies, SRS’s and Networks.

– Rebranded and restructured IMS, with provisions for Post Graduates.

– Improving SU training, through the increased use of external industry experts.

Delivering Value to You

– All modules should publish mandatory hidden costs (trips, text books, materials) at the point of selection.

– Lobby the Council to provide one free parking permit per student house.

– Lobby for a more frequent late night 34 Bus service off Campus during exam periods.

– Push for more water fountains on campus.

The Landlord Register

– Improve the standard of student accommodation through an SU Landlord and Property review process, giving prospective tenants the ability to search an address and view feedback from previous tenants.

Improving the First Year Experience

– Lobby for a 5 Day Mealcard Rollover and facilitate the use of Mealcards in Mooch and SU Shops. Push for more catering options on Jubilee.

– Develop the role and functionality of the JCR Exec to provide more useful support to JCR Committees.

– Reform the International and Postgraduate Welcome Programme to reduce segregation, by providing more opportunities for engagement within the SU.

– Creation of an ‘International Rep’ JCR Position to improve inclusivity.

– Improve street lighting on the Downs to ensure safety and security of all students.

Looking to the future…

– Lobby the University and Union to pay a Living Wage to all its staff.

– Encourage the development of women’s leadership within the University, through the promotion of more ‘Women in…’ events, and a ‘Women in Leadership’ mentor scheme.

– Investigate the implementation of Sexual Consent Classes during the Welcome Programme.

– Lobby the University to invest in more Renewable Energy on all UK Campuses.

My Experience

– Deputy Station Editor at URN 2014-15 (and Treasurer, 2013-14).

– Societies Exec Finance Rep 2014-15.

– Head of Seven Legged Committee 2014 (and Committee member, 2013).

– Social Sec, Politics Society 2014-15 (and Events Officer 2013-14).

– Snowflake Ball Committee 2014.

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First year student putting foot forward, so if you are first year it’s your job to vote for me, it just is don’t argue!

Heads up boring and important bit coming up… blabla bla

Action execution when needed is much more significant than action execution when desired. As a passionate people’s person I believe that doing what is required by students who look up to you for help or assistance holds primary importance and come before what you think is right for student. As a Presidential candidate for this year’s election, I would like to bring to the notice of my fellow university mates at UoN that I abide by the motto ‘Let actions speak louder than words’ and believe in serving in the best interests of all the students. A President representing their students at the university and being a voice to their concerns should be easily accessible and prioritise issues addressed by students in a timely manner.

Being actively involved in social service concerns and political work from my early teens I have understood the fact that to enable easy and friendly approach by having regular interaction with students and by putting my best foot forward in answering student queries, grievances and complaints holds key as a responsible Presidential candidate.

Students often face problems with respect to their timetables and other course related issues which need to be dealt with swiftly, efficiently and effectively. Thus, I would make sure that best possible student welfare is enabled by apt and suitable academic timetables, putting forth the students’ voice to the faculty and other subsequent higher authorities.

As there are a lot of procedures in administration within the students union it becomes a tedious task for students who are often found at the receiving end. I would like to fix this issue by ensuring excellent administration within the core working departments of the Students Union which will promote better procedural flow of tasks.

The UoN is one of the most noteworthy culturally diverse institutions with students from all over the world who have their distinct and special identities. As a person who is intrigued and interested by people from different backgrounds I would want to make their University experience a memorable one. Hence, I will work prolifically in promoting better social and cultural harmony amongst students by conducting events and gatherings on a regular basis and would like to create a friendly aura at the University.

Another important aspect to every student during their University time is to have part time jobs and be able to find suitable work after their courses have completed. Thus, my sincere and the most spirited effort will be to work proactively in placing students for part time jobs during their courses and make sure that the University has more Job fairs, Placements forums and Corporate Exhibitions. I would like to pass on my final words to my fellow University mates that it is their union and I am would be a strong and impactful voice to their concerns and opinions.

I’m not funny or extremely entertaining like YOLO but if you vote for me I’m going to force him to do stand-ups once a month for everyone so you guys get the best of both. :D