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The Elections Show - Meet the Presidential Candidates

posted 13.03.14 at 10:17pm by Web Team

The “Almost But Not Quite There Yet” BNOCSThe “Almost But Not Quite There Yet” BNOCS.

IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! For one last time The Elections Show made a mockery of 6 more candidates. Not just any candidates. The Big Dogs.
The Presidential Candidates.

At 6pm, we took to the air and welcomed Mandour Jr, Tom Hicks, Johnny Lawrence, Katie Williams, Harry Copson, James Potts, and, yup, that’s it. Callum Morris was “busy”, apparently.

So let’s meet them. Obviously, we weren’t gonna just have a jolly ole’ chat. We set the mood, had a bit of karaoke and Ms Ellie McWilliam decided to give a certain candidate a piece of her mind…

Once that was sorted, it was time to find out what our resident Northerner got up to today. He cornered Politics lecturer, Stuart Fox, to find out, what is voting?!

Still not sure who to vote for?

posted 13.03.14 at 8:25pm by The Pulse


Student Leader ElectionsStudent Leader Elections

If you're still unsure who to vote for, The Pulse randomly selected four SU roles to speak to: Activities, Sport, Education, and President. This should help your decision before voting closes tomorrow at 3pm.

We started by talking to the current officers for each of the roles, and asked them what SU work they’ve been up to and how their year has been. We then put the candidates for each of the roles through their paces live on air.

Will Knapp, this year’s Activities Officer, explains how his year has been:

Candidates for the role of Activities Officer answer questions from our team

Tom Hicks, this year’s Sports Officer, told us what he's been up to:

Candidates for the role of Sports Officer were put through their paces:

Dasha Karzunina, this year’s Education Officer, spoke to us about her role:

Candidates for the role of Education Officer were grilled:

Ellie McWilliam, this year’s SU President, explains how she has found this last year:

Preview Interview for Varsity Netball

posted 13.03.14 at 7:41pm by URN Sport


Varsity Netball takes place tomorrow night, URN Sport interviewed 3 members of the UoN netball team ahead of the clash

If you can't get down to the event follow @urnsport for live updates from the clash.

Uni win Varsity Swimming

posted 13.03.14 at 12:03pm by URN Sport


The University of nottingham are now 4-2 up in this year's Varsity series courtesy of a 143-77 victory in the swimming. We met up with two of the triumphant swimmers after the match

The next Varsity match is this Friday where it is the turn of the Netball. Check out @urnsport on twitter for updates from the game.

The Elections Show - Meet the Education Candidates

posted 13.03.14 at 1:05am by Web Team

Education Candidates... Don't they look excited?!?Education Candidates... Don't they look excited?!?

Two down, TWO DAYS TO GO! Today, URN decided to teach the Education candidates, Greg Timms, Alex Turner, Adam BK, Raff and Paulina, how we do things on The Elections show.

As usual, before things really kicked off, we had to consult Mr Will Jowett to find out, what IS winning?!

Next, it was the turn of the candidates. So who are they?! And more importantly, what would their pornstar names be?

These lot were then put to the test when it came to the Biggest Twit. As soon as we mentioned that we’d been snooping, it’s safe to say that they looked rather worried.


And then things took a turn for the worst… It involved marshmallows (sliced soggy apples for the vegan) and some incredibly taxing GCSE Bitesize questions. Have a listen to the madness…

Tomorrow’s the BIG one… El Presidente!

Seeing as you’re already here, why not check out today’s video campaign?!