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The Elections Show - Meet the Education Candidates

posted 13.03.14 at 1:05am by Web Team

Education Candidates... Don't they look excited?!?Education Candidates... Don't they look excited?!?

Two down, TWO DAYS TO GO! Today, URN decided to teach the Education candidates, Greg Timms, Alex Turner, Adam BK, Raff and Paulina, how we do things on The Elections show.

As usual, before things really kicked off, we had to consult Mr Will Jowett to find out, what IS winning?!

Next, it was the turn of the candidates. So who are they?! And more importantly, what would their pornstar names be?

These lot were then put to the test when it came to the Biggest Twit. As soon as we mentioned that we’d been snooping, it’s safe to say that they looked rather worried.


And then things took a turn for the worst… It involved marshmallows (sliced soggy apples for the vegan) and some incredibly taxing GCSE Bitesize questions. Have a listen to the madness…

Tomorrow’s the BIG one… El Presidente!

Seeing as you’re already here, why not check out today’s video campaign?!

The Tab Responds to Social Media Backlash

posted 12.03.14 at 4:40pm by The Pulse


The Tab, Nottingham, has responded to a social media storm against its open backing of SU Presidential candidate, Katie Williams

Here are some of the tweets which fuelled the accusations:

Most of these tweets are aimed at The Tab's quiz which told you which SU Presidential candidate to vote for. The quiz defines itself as ‘scientific’, but actually only generates the answer of ‘Katie Williams’.

In response to these allegation, Sam Dean, the Co-Chief Editor of The Tab, Nottingham, had this to say to URN:

"As The Tab is not affiliated with the SU, it is perfectly within our rights to back whichever candidate we see fit. It is something of a Tab tradition to back candidates, although this is the first time that it has happened here in Nottingham. Katie Williams is a writer for The Tab but we also agree wholeheartedly with her manifesto and do genuinely consider her to be the best candidate.[...] Katie is a friend but she is also someone who would do a fantastic job as SU President. The SU needs sorting out and she's the one to do it."

Breaking News: No More Page 3 passed at SU Council

posted 11.03.14 at 10:43pm by The Pulse

Four motions were debated at the SU Council this evening as proposed changes to our Students' Union were debated amongst students and officers. It was a council of 18 randomly selected students who ultimately had the deciding vote. One of the most controversial motions debated at the SU Council was the proposed boycott of The Sun and The Daily Star on campus as these papers include page 3.

The motion was proposed by UoN Feminist society. URN spoke to co-chairs of the society, Jo Estrin and Francesca Garforth about their reasons for proposing the boycott.

Jo and Francesca argued for their motion in front of a randomly selected committee of 18 students who asked a variety of questions. The SU Officers were present and all gave their support although they were not able to vote. The Council of randomly selected students are given this democratic role and they voted 15 to 3 in favour of the motion. The boycott of both newspapers is in effect as of tomorrow morning and will remain in place until page three is revoked.

URN spoke to Jo and Francesca about how they think the council went and the impact the boycott will have for students here at the University of Nottingham.

The Elections Show - Meet the Sports Candidates

posted 11.03.14 at 9:13pm by Web Team

They wouldn't be smiling if they knew we'd make them look like absolute fools!They wouldn't be smiling if they knew we'd make them look like absolute fools!

Once again, it was time for The Elections Show to REALLY put some candidates through their paces. Today was the turn of the SPORTS CandidatesKiri Madhani, Frazer Bowen, Jon Spinks, Adam Turner, Jack Mousley and Chloe Scott-Mearns were in for a treat.

Before anything kicked off (geddit?!... Yeah, sports!), it was time for Will Jowett to find out the point in all of these campaign videos.

Once that was out of the way, we had a cheeky stalk of the candidates’ twitter accounts for today’s biggest twit.

Tune in tomorrow when the Education candidates are put to the test. (#puntastic)

The Elections Show - Meet the Activities Candidates

posted 10.03.14 at 11:51pm by The Elections Show

The Activities Candidates... They had no idea what was in store!The Activities Candidates... They had no idea what was in store!

It’s the FINAL week of Students’ Union Elections. We welcomed the Activities candidates; Jonathan Davis, Hugh Purves, Nick Mugridge and Joe Caunce, into the studios. We put them through their paces, ignored their manifestos and made them look a bit stupid in all honesty.

But first of we spoke to Will Jowett to find out, what actually IS campaigning?!
Here’s today’s Elections 101…

Once that was cleared up, we decided to have a cheeky stalk of the candidates’ twitter accounts to find out once and for all, who really is the biggest twit?
Warning: May contain Viagra.

If that wasn’t enough, we decided to test the boys’ knowledge of societies within the SU… Okay, so not every single society, just those beginning with ‘C’. Now that sounds pretty simple, right? …What about if we added a bit of pressure and played music that got faster and faster?