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Veganary and the Rise of Part-Time Diets

posted 21.01.14 at 7:22pm by The Pulse

Today on The Pulse we looked at the rise of new eating habits and considered why more people are opting for part-time diets. The lastest month to be re-branded is January with the latest craze Veganism. What do you get? Veganuary of course.

According to the organizers 3,200 people have committed to go vegan for the first month of 2014. For those of you who don’t know what a Vegan is it is someone who does eat dairy or meat. Some do this because of their opinions on animal cruelty others do it as a way to keep up a healthy diet. Even celebrities like Beyonce and Jay Z have got involved.

I asked today’s reporters what they think of Veganism and whether they have ever considered becoming one.

Ash Simpson who has been a Vegan for two and a half years spoke to us about Veganary and his thoughts on the new craze of ‘part-time’ diets.

Veganism isn’t something that gets discussed very often and I certainly found it interesting to hear what Ash had to say on the matter. You guys seemed interested too. Here are some texts we had from our listeners:

Less meat consumption is a) healthier for the individual and b) better for everyone as it would reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Under The Volcano- The Family Rain, Track by Track

posted 19.01.14 at 8:26pm by Jack Wood

A track by track run through of my first listen to the Family Rain's debut album "Under The Volcano"


The album kicks off with a raucous re-working of their single “Carnival”. Originally given away as a free single, it has been re-recorded with new backing vocals that give it the party feel, while making the whole track sound more live and intimate, probably reflecting the bands new found live prowess. Starts off the album as if you’ve arrived to the party fashionably late, avoided the awkward talk and just got straight to wearing a lampshade as a head piece.

Trust me I’m a Genius

Trust me I’m a genius, the latest single and the track that the band opened to the internet. It’s still a blues laden anthem, with roaring guitar chorus compliments of Oli, but it’s on this track that you really get a feel for Will’s vocals. Powerful and soulful, ending on a cacophony of noise of being “in love with a dead scene”, just as well they’re creating their own from its Ashes.

Feel Better (Frank)

Interview with a Student Protester

posted 16.01.14 at 5:39pm by The Big Picture

We bring you a full version of the edited interview Luc played out on our last show. Lewis, a student protestor facing disciplinary action for his involvement in the occupation of teaching rooms at the end of last year, spoke to Luc about why the protests were taking place, how representative they were, and how the response reflected upon the democracy and freedom of thought on the modern campus.

You can visit the podcast here: Feel free to leave comments below if this gets your debating juices flowing!

Mark Duggan, Benefits Street, and Student Protests

The latest Big Picture podcast is available - just follow the link:

On this edition, Luc puts questions to the panel on the controversy surrounding the divisive verdict in the inquest of Mark Duggan, whose shooting sparked the London riots in 2011; Channel Four's controversial new documentary "Benefits Street" and its impact upon discussion of welfare claimants; and the recent spate of student protests in the south of England, and what they have to say about the state of democracy on campus.

Questions? Comments? Thoughts? Leave them below, and make sure to tune in for the Big Picture every Wednesday from 6pm.

The next Big Picture will be broadcast live on URN on Wednesday 22nd January at 6pm.

Nottingham graduates are officially the most employable.

posted 16.01.14 at 2:38pm by The Pulse


Revision motivationRevision motivation

You may have seen the news flying around social media and news outlets Nottingham students are apparently the most desirable graduates, according to the country’s top employers.

Interest from companies such as Goldman Sachs place Nottingham graduates at the top of the pile.

The research was conducted by High Fliers in December 2013 – with one hundred leading graduate employers including BP, The Civil Service, IBM, PwC and HSBC.

Nottingham registrar Dr Paul Greatrix said: "This is terrific news for our students – it confirms that the University of Nottingham is delivering the global graduates that employers are looking for.

A lot of people are misquoting this and claiming this makes us the best university, so we had a chat with Sharon Bell, the Associate Director at the careers and employability services;

So it seems just having University of Nottingham next to your name on your C.V is NOT quite enough!

What do you think it is that perhaps places Nottingham graduates at the top of the pile? We asked the exam-stressed student populous what they thought the reason was;

Leave your thoughts below.