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The Pulse Investigates: Is Your Student Loan Enough?

posted 05.12.14 at 6:59pm by The Pulse

The Pulse Investigates: Is Your Student Loan Enough?

Is funding your time at University something you often worry about?

As the first batch of students who are paying £9,000 per year near the end of their degrees, we are all too aware that students suffer from a series of financial pressures.

We therefore investigated this issue to find out whether your student loan can really cover your rent, food and other necessary expenditures.

Featuring interviews with your Students Union President Harry Copson, stories of financial woe for students around campus and tips from Save The Student, you can hear the full investigation here:

What do you think?

Lots of you got in touch with us throughout the show, to share your opinions on whether the student loan is enough and what should be done to help out students in need:

Money is always an issue for me, but I don't think the Uni can do anything for me because the problem is from the national level - Sam

Rangers' woes, snooker controversy, and coach of the year

posted 04.12.14 at 5:53pm by URN Sport

This Tuesday on URN Sport Patrick was joined by Sam, Nick and David. They chatted about Rangers fans boycotting their own club's merchandise. The action follows revelations over how only a fraction of the income from retail sales is going to the club.

Next on the agenda was the UK Snooker Championship, currently being hosted in York. Table-fitters have been working to re-fit the snooker tables amid complaints from players such as Ronnie O'Sullivan over how erratically they have been playing.

The panel also discussed how the Winter Olympics and Football World Cup 2022 will be scheduled, after IOC President Thomas Bach said the two events would not clash.

Returning to football, the boys also debated who should win the Coach of the Year award, with Diego Simeone, Joachim Löw and Carlo Ancelotti up for the prize.

For more national and international sport discussion, listen to URN Sport every Tuesday from 6-7pm.

The Big Picture: Ferguson, BandAid, UKIP - Wednesday 26th November 2014

posted 02.12.14 at 1:55pm by The Big Picture

The last show of November saw our student panellists discuss the riots in Ferguson, USA (with a special from a UoN alumni in the States!) as well as debate on the use of Band Aid to raise money. Perhaps the most heated of all was our discussion surrounding UKIP's victory in Rochester and Strood, in which there was strong disagreement (to put it lightly) over Emily Thornberry MP's #Rochester tweet.

Sound like your cup of tea? Have a listen!

Science Show: Functional Brain Imaging

posted 01.12.14 at 8:47pm by The Science Show

If you tuned into the Science Show this week, you’ll have heard Dr. Matt Brookes and Professor Peter Liddle discussing their work in particular fields of functional brain imaging. If you missed out on the show, or simply want to find out more, then you’ve come to the right place!

Before we go into specifics, we should probably ask; what is functional brain imaging? Often referred to as neuroimaging, FBI is a blanket term used to describe a variety of techniques for ‘looking’ inside the brain (without the need for slicing and dicing). Applications range from measuring blood oxygenation in certain regions of the brain, to studying the effects of excessive drinking/ smoking/recreational drug use on your grey matter.

As previously mentioned, there are several different kinds of functional brain imaging, all of which differ slightly in methodology. Together, they can provide a vast wealth of information about the brain. Examples include:

URN Presents: The SU Show

posted 01.12.14 at 7:30pm by The Pulse


The Pulse held a special show this Friday, as we met your SU President Harry Copson, and Equal Opportunities and Welfare Officer Chloe Averill. They joined us in the studio to explain how their year has been going so far, as well as to play a few games!

We began by chatting to your Students Union President Harry Copson about how his year has gone so far, and what his aims are until the end of term:

After that, Sam and Iona tested Chloe and Harry on all of their knowledge on what they have put on Social Media in the past, in our ingenious game, Mission Impossible... Who do you think won?!

As well as talking to Harry, we got all of the latest news that matters to you from Chloe Averill, who explained how challenging she has found her role since the beginning of term:

Most importantly though, we also played the Blue Peter Off with Chloe and Harry as they were challenged to build their own versions of the Geese which are around campus: