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Men's Basketball - Varsity 2014 Preview

posted 23.02.14 at 9:26pm by The Sport Show

Nottingham Uni 1st vs Nottingham Trent 1st
Location: Capital FM Arena.
Tip off: 24th February 2014 8.15pm

This Monday sees the next instalment of the 2014 Charity Varsity series. It’s the fourth round of the competition in the series, with the series poised at 2 -1 to Nottingham Trent. It’s the turn of both the women’s and men’s basketball teams to take centre stage. Nottingham Uni will be keen for a quick comeback after losing the American Football 26-13 this afternoon.

The men’s basketball team will come into the match as firm favourites, as they sit the BUCS league above Trent. Trent lie 5th in BUCS Midlands Division 2A struggling to find any form with only 1 win from their 7 matches they’ve played. In stark contrast, Nottingham Uni sit 2nd in BUCS Midlands Division 1A, just behind Derby with 6 wins out of their 8 played.

Men's Basketball team interview - Varsity 2014

posted 21.02.14 at 3:31pm by The Sport Show


We caught up with Jeff, Aron and Daniel of the men's basketball to talk to them about the huge Varsity clash on Monday night at the Capital FM arena.

SU Election Candidates Revealed…

posted 19.02.14 at 6:42pm by The Pulse


Student Leader ElectionsStudent Leader Elections

The candidates for the 2014 Student Leader Elections have been announced! 58 candidates are running for the seven full-time roles and seven part-time roles (up from 45 last year). These candidates are running to represent you within the Students’ Union, with all elected full-time officers being paid throughout their time in office.

The candidates for the seven full-time Student Leader positions are:


  • Callum Morris
  • Harry Copson
  • Jack Benjamin Salter
  • James Potts
  • Johnny Lawrence
  • Josh Powell
  • Katie Williams
  • Mandour Jr.
  • Tom Hicks
  • Yolo

Activities Officer:

  • Boudicca Palmer Roberts
  • Hugh Purves
  • Joe Caunce
  • Jonathan Davis
  • Nick Mugridge

Sports Officer:

  • Adam Turner
  • Chloe Scott-Mearns
  • Frazer Bowen
  • Jack Mousley
  • Jon Spinks
  • Kiri Madhani

Education Officer:

  • Adam BK
  • Alex Turner
  • Paulina Niemczewska
  • Pratheek "Raff" Badrinath
  • Greg Timms

Feed Your Fem: Childhood

posted 19.02.14 at 5:45pm by Feed Your Fem

Feed Your Fem: ChildhoodFeed Your Fem: Childhood

Feed Your Fem is a biweekly podcast created by UoN Feminists in partnership with URN. The podcast is a creative outlet for our combined membership, and serves as an introduction for students unfamiliar with feminism.

In our first meeting of around 20 feminists, we discussed a myriad of topics key to contemporary feminism and debated how best to fit them all in. The main aim for our podcast is that it should be interesting; it will be the greatest reward if we make our audience learn, laugh and consider topics they can identify with but never thought of before in a feminist context. Within these themes we hope to tackle at least one major issue in feminism, therefore in the Childhood episode we discuss gendered toys and Disney but we also look at boundaries, sexualisation and rape culture. Future episodes, though their title may seem innocuous will include trans* feminism and life, sexual harassment, FGM and misogyny online. We may omit subjects that many would regard as salient, as we are inevitably constrained by time and feasibility, without the best quality of discussion or expert interviews we would not be able to give certain topics adequate justice.

Ron Pope interview/review at Rescue Rooms 7/2/14

posted 15.02.14 at 8:56pm by The URN Music Team

Ron Pope Interview/Review

When interviewing Ron Pope one of the questions I asked him was, “What would you do if not music?” and quite humble he answered that he didn’t really think he was good enough at doing anything else, he said he’d been an awful security guard, a terrible waiter and detailed other unsuccessful jobs that he’d had before the breakthrough in music. Truth be told though, he definitely knew how to do music when I went to see him at Rescue Rooms.

From walking into the gig to leaving there was such a level of hospitality that automatically makes experiencing a gig so much better. Ron Pope was constantly asking us as an audience whether we were have a good time and whether we were enjoying the songs. Having an interaction with the artist on stage and knowing that they care whether you’re having a good time is what makes live music so much more enticing than just putting on an album and Ron Pope delivered on all levels.