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Breaking: Changes to Week One

Your SU is changing Week OneYour SU is changing Week One

Your University of Nottingham Students Union has announced a number of changes as to how Week One is going to work, beginning next September. Student's Union President, Harry Copson released a blog post this evening, detailing the changes and why they were being made.

The changes will include the implementation of Welcome Mentors, who will be appointed by the SU, and will be responsible for promoting Week One events, signposting any students who are suffering from emotional distress and getting to know the group of students to whom they are allocated.

The removal of Week One reps in favour of appointed Welcome Mentors moves towards a selective, rather than elective process. The Union and a student-led panel will be those deciding each of the reps, with a minimum of 6 mentors per hall and the possibility of up to twenty in the larger halls. Each mentor is going to be responsible to a Lead Mentor, who will ensure that each person involved is meeting their responsibilities.

Poyet sacked, Six Nations and Australian GP

On Tuesday's show Nick was joined by Amar, David and Adam to discuss the latest big stories in the world of sport.

They started with the news breaking from Sunderland, who have sacked manager Gus Poyet.

Next up was a discussion of the race for the top four places in the Premier League.

Nick asked the boys about the Six Nations, including their thoughts on the timings of the final round of games.

Finally, the panel reacted to Lewis Hamilton's victory at the Australian Grand Prix.

For more international and national sports discussion, tune in to URN Sport every Tuesday from 6-7pm.

Ghostdudes, Sam Simon, Terry Pratchett, Mental Illness in Pop. Media, Fan Fiction, Metaphors in HP: The Popular Table - 15/03/15

Hello, and welcome to another edition of The Popular Table.

In part I, our super media analysts (Ibtisam, Mike, Felix, and David) look at the first live-action Star Wars spin-off, discuss the new Ghostdudes movie (bro), critique DC's new costumes, and remember Sam Simon and Terry Pratchett.

In part II, the gang look at representations of mental illness in popular media, before looking at the culture of fan-fiction and asking if it can be perceived as art.

In part III, in Ibi's Corner, we look at metaphors for racism in the Harry Potter series.

And that's that! Previous shows can be heard at

If you wish to contact us, you can do so at, and, or you can leave a comment below.

Clips used in this show are from Star Wars, Saturday Night Live, the Inside Out trailer, the Graham Norton Show, and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Special thanks to Mike for producing this week.

The Elections Show - President

The Presidential CandidatesThe Presidential Candidates

On Thursday 12th March, we welcomed the Presidential Candidates into the URN Studios for the last installment of The Elections Show. Our show designed to get to know the candidates behind the manifestos. We've seen their manifestos, we've seen them around campus...but who are they?!

Tonight saw the return of 'The Biggest Twit' for the last time, as our resident stalkers took to the Presidential Candidates social media accounts to dig up their embarrassing social media past...

A brand new game for the Presidents, and inspired by the manifestos of Candidates from this year and past years too, we played 'Manifesto Bingo'. The Candidates had to pick one word from three mugs; the first contained classic manifesto buzz-words, the second places around the University of Nottingham and then lastly, a completely random word. The Candidates then had to generate a manifesto point based on and including those three words.

Elections 2015: Sutton Bonington Question Time

On Tuesday 10th March, The Pulse headed down to the fiercest question time of the year, on Sutton Bonington campus, to find out how the candidates would deal with the student's questions.

Our presenting team of Meg, Rhiannon and Sam posed questions to the candidates that you, the students, wanted asking and commentated on how they felt the evening was going.

They also caught up with Jake Richards, chair of the SB Guild:

The team then reflected on how important they felt it was candidates were put through Question Times, and what they would be considering throughout the evening:


The Presidential candidates were put through their paces, with the panelists talking about whether sexual consent classes should be compulsory and outlining how they would work with the SB Guild if elected to office:


The crowd at Sutton Bonington tested out the Education Officer candidates, asking about how they would support the students on satellite campuses and deal with lecture captures in future: