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URN Pulse: The Lowdown on URN

posted 22.09.14 at 10:13am by The Pulse

All of this week on URN, your URN Pulse team has been giving you the ultimate guide to Week One on The Lowdown. Featuring your What's On Guide and all the advice from the people that know, the Lowdown broadcasts from 10am every morning during Week one.


On Monday's Lowdown, you were welcomed to the University of Nottingham, featuring a reveal of what you can expect during Week One from the Week One exec and a guide on how to make the most of your time in halls by Emma from Broadgate Park!


On Tuesday's Lowdown, we gave you a guide to the Socieites available at the University, featuring an explanation of why you should join a society by Joe Caunce. Now, get yourself down to Freshers Fayre and sign up for them!


On Wednesday's Lowdown, you heard a tour round all things extra-curricular, including interviews with the Head of the Careers service and the University's own Student Volunteer team.


Thursday's Lowdown covered all things education - after all, you are here to get a degree! Featuring interviews with your SU Education Officer Adam BK, and Politics lecturer Sue Pryce, you hear about how to get the work/play balance right in first year.


BREAKING NEWS: Fire at Jubilee Campus

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KEY UPDATE:The University of Nottingham have updated their statement on the Jubilee fire. Read more here:

Below are updates on the situation surrounding the Jubilee Fire. . Keep an eye out on this page, and on twitter @URNPulse, for all of the latest news.

22.00: A building at the University of Nottingham's Jubilee Campus has set alight this evening, and fifty fire-fighters are currently tackling the blaze.

It is currently unknown what started the fire, with reports first having emerged on twitter at approximately 8.30pm.

The new Student Union President Harry Copson has confirmed on twitter that it is the newly developed GlaxoSmithKline Carbon Neutral Laboratory for Sustainable Chemistry that is alight.

The Nottingham Fire and Rescue service have confirmed that they dispatched ten fire and rescue crews to the scene and there are currently a number of fire-fighters attempting to keep the fire under control.

UPDATE - 22.45:

Notts Fire Brigade have just tweeted this update of the situation at the scene of the fire:


The Big Picture Podcast - Latest Episode now Live!

The latest episode of the Big Picture podcast is now live - just follow the link to have a listen:!

This show, first broadcast on June 18th 2014, was the last of the year, and longtime show stalwart David's final show. Taking the chair, he posed questions about the following topics to a panel of Seb and Luke:

- The ISIS incursions into Iraq, who was to blame, and what they meant for the future of the region;

- Scottish independence, in the wake of a series of celebrity endorsements and the official start of campaigning for the September referendum; and

- The Sun's free issue and the backlash against it, particularly surrounding Ed Miliband's pictorial endorsement.

We hope you enjoy, and do feel free to leave comments below if you want to join the debate.

Like the rest of URN's speech content, the Big Picture is now in its summer break. Regular episodes will resume in October 2014, so remember to keep tuning in to URN for more top-notch current affairs debate!

Multi-Million Pound Re-Build of Portland Building

posted 23.06.14 at 12:56pm by The Pulse

The Portland Building on University Park is set to receive a several million pound re-investment into its internal make-up. The re-construction is planned to happen in two stages to ensure minimal disruption to the student body. The Pulse spoke to Will Knapp, the Activities Officer within the Students Union, to find out exactly what is planned:

With all of these planned changes, how are students going to react? The Pulse went out on campus to see how students feel about this re-investment:

The plans for the new building will be with the architects by Christmas of this year, with the proposed re-build starting in September 2015. Students want to have their say into how the building will look. We asked some students what changes they would like to see to the building:

How do you feel about these changes? Do you think the university should be spending the money more wisely, or do you think the planned changes could improve your university experience? Leave your comments below.

Open Play: An investigation into LGBT participation in University sports

posted 21.06.14 at 3:10pm by URN Sport


Open Play: An investigation into LGBT participation in sportsOpen Play: An investigation into LGBT participation in sports

Throughout 2014, the URN Sports Team have been conducting an investigation into LGBT student participation in sport. We spoke to students, the SU Sports Officer, local teams and national figures in order to discover what the obstacles are to increasing LGBT participation in sport.

This was based upon the 2011 NUS 'Out in Sport' report, which provided reccomendations to all Universities as to how to increase the number of LGBT students participants in sport on campus. As the University of Nottingham has not implemented these reccomendations, this lead us to consider the broader local, national and international obstacles to increased participation - before presenting our findings to the incoming SU Sports Officer here at the University of Nottingham, Kiri Madhani, to hear how she is going to tackle the issue next year.

Take a listen to the full investigation here:

Here are some of the comments we recieved during the show:

Loving hearing more about this and I think lad culture encourages mocking which can subconsciously put lgbt students off teams like that.

It seems that the SU aren't prepared to take action! I hope they change after this!