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Tennis season review and Pointless: Three lions edition

On this week's show Simon was joined by David, Bradley and Adam. They began with the ATP World Tour Finals, which Novak Djokovic won by default on Sunday after Roger Federer had to withdraw from the final through injury.

The boys also previewed the finale to the F1 season in Abu Dhabi.

The panel also looked at another successful Qatari bid to host a sporting event, with the news that the country has been selected to host the 2019 World Athletics Championships.

Finally, after it emerged that quiz show Pointless Celebrities attracted higher average ratings than England's Euros qualifier against Slovenia, the team decided to combine the England national football team with the BBC programme.

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HealthyU Week on Campus

posted 19.11.14 at 4:13pm by The Pulse

On Monday, the Pulse teamed discussed the HealthyU events taking place on campus this week. Our conversation began with a short interview with Chloe Averill, SU Equal Opportunities and Welfare officer:

Chloe told us about many events that are going on this week on University Park and Jubilee Campuses, and next week on Sutton Bonnington.

We then discussed our own health issues and concerns in the studio, and how HealthyU week could benefit us.

The team in the URN studio came to the conclusion that the HealthyU fair and other events occurring this week will be of great benefit to us, especially as students, to help us learn more about keeping ourselves well and fit to continue our studies.

The Pulse brings you the news that matters to you, every day of the week between 5 and 6pm.

If you would like to tell us about your health experiences, or make any comments about HealthyU week, leave a comment below or tweet us @URNPulse.

The Science Show – Deep Thought

posted 18.11.14 at 3:55pm by The Science Show

On this week’s Science Show we have Dr Julie Greensmith talking about her research in Artificial Immune Systems. It seems like a good idea to look at artificial intelligence as a whole and its history

The American computer scientist John McCarthy coined the term in 1955 and defined it as "the science and engineering of making intelligent machines". Basically apply the way our brain thinks and makes decisions to computing and engineering. To begin with scientists were optimistic about the time it would take to recreate the methods of reasoning, learning and perception that we are so used to in day to day life.

Turing Test was introduced by Alan Turing in his 1950 paper "Computing Machinery and Intelligence," which opens with the words: "I propose to consider the question, 'Can machines think?'" Because "thinking" is difficult to define, Turing chooses to "replace the question by another, which is closely related to it and is expressed in relatively unambiguous words." Turing's new question is: "Are there imaginable digital computers which would do well in the imitation game?" This question, Turing believed, is one that can actually be answered.

LGBTQ+ as a Genre, Taylor Swift, Social Networking, and Mass-Media Cross-Pollination: The Popular Table - 16/11/2014

Hello hello hello! Here is yet another podcast for you, broken into three segments, as always.

In part one, the formidable duo of David and Emma look at how LGBTQ+ has become a genre of its own in various forms of media, and they ask whether seamless integration is preferable.

Part two begins with a brief conversation about Taylor Swift before diving into a discussion about the merits of social media platforms.

In the final segment, they look at what David likes to call "Mass-Media Cross-Pollination". I think someone may need to tell him to calm down.

Thank you very much for listening. If you want to drop the show a line, feel free to contact us at, or

Clips are from the Orange is the New Black Series 2 teaser, The Social Network trailer, The Big Bang Theory, Agents of SHIELD, and Torchwood.

Music is by Taylor Swift, CHVRCHES, and Clean Bandit.

The Music Show on URN - Monday 29th September

posted 14.11.14 at 1:11pm by The Music Show

The Music Show is on air every other Monday between 6 and 7pm live on URN. Featuring all of the latest music news, our very own track of the week and letting you know where is best to see live music around Nottingham. We also have a live interview and performance by a local band or group in the studio. This blog is for you to enjoy our best bits of the week!


This week on the Music show, the team discussed the news that Kanye West joke article that he scored 106 points in a Basketball match against disabled children, and their reaction to the story. Did you believe the story simply because it was Kanye West? Here is what our team thought:

Meanwhile, our track of the week was from the outstanding American Indie Rock band Saint Motel. Called My Type, the song is a mix of 70's brass section and today's fondness for Indie Rock. Saint Motel are a band from Los Angeles whose music has been described as everything from 'dream pop' to 'indy prog'. My Type was released in August and Saint Motel toured the UK in the summer to promote the track.