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URN - Hot in Notts

posted 31.01.14 at 1:25pm by Giles Gear

In response to the influx of articles about 'Hot in Notts', essentially rating how attractive people are and giving absolute gems of information about them - URN has responded with our very own 'Hot in Notts' - see if our presenters really do have faces for radio:

Name: Will Leney

Nickname: Dragon-tongue

Course: BA in Banta (Current grade 2.2)

If you were an animal what would you be: “I’d be a tiger so I could Roar like Katy Perry. I know that’s not funny but it’s the truth”.

Funny Story: “I once got in the wrong bed and made out with my mum”.

Will 'Dragon-Tongue' LeneyWill 'Dragon-Tongue' Leney

Name: Henry Coates

Nickname: The PileDriver

Course: PHD in Astrophysics with Beginners Scottish

If you were an animal what would you be: “A panda because I like black and l like white”.

Funny Story: “I lost a game of tennis to my younger brother and I’ve never stopped crying since”.

Henry 'The PileDriver' CoatesHenry 'The PileDriver' Coates

Name: Jess Salter

Nickname: Ready Salted

Varsity American Football - Postponed

posted 29.01.14 at 12:11pm by The Sport Show


This year's varsity American Football Clash set to take place this friday the 31st of January has been postponed until further notice.

The match was set to take place at the Harvey Hadden stadium, however the council has ruled the stadium is unfit to host the fixture, surrounding safety concerns.

The fixture will be re-arranged to later this term.

The next varsity fixture will now be rugby league on the 7th Feb.

For all your varisty coverage stay tuned to URN.

Varsity Ice Hockey 2014

posted 29.01.14 at 11:44am by The Sport Show

The Capital Fm arena was the setting of this years opening fixture of the charity varsity fixture – Ice hockey. Nottingham Uni took on their Trent counterparts in front of an electric atmosphere fuelled by a crowd of over 8,000. URN were there to cover it from start to finish.

The game started at a frantic pace, however it was UNI who looked the most nervous out of the two sides. The UNI players struggled to deal with their nerves in the early stages and were guilty of ill discipline – Simon Bell being set to the bin early for tripping. This man advantage for Trent, known as a powerplay, was exploited perfectly as the men in pink scored just a few moments later.

This should have warned as a warning sign to the UNI players, but it didn’t moments later Bradshaw was sent to the bin for ill discipline and again Trent exploited their man advantage – Rathbone the scorer assisted by the impressive Jose Leon.

Two goals down early, the Uni team had their first early spell of any possession half way through the first period, even managing to create some of their own chances. However it was Trent who scored next O’Flaherty scoring a counter attack.

Lord Rennard vs. the Lib Dems, Weed around the World and Benefits Tourism

Follow the link to hear the latest Big Picture podcast!

On this week's show, David asked the panel questions about: Lord Rennard's membership dispute with his party over allegations of sexual assault; the legalisation of cannabis in Uruguay, Colorado, and Washington state, and Obama's apparent openness to a federal legalisation debate; and plans from the Conservatives and Labour to limit benefits availability for unskilled or EU-immigrant claimants amid fears of "benefits tourism".

Comments? Thoughts? Furious rage? Why not comment on the podcast below?

The next Big Picture will be broadcast on Wednesday 29th January at 6pm, live on URN -- we hope you can listen in and join the debate.

Veganary and the Rise of Part-Time Diets

posted 21.01.14 at 7:22pm by The Pulse

Today on The Pulse we looked at the rise of new eating habits and considered why more people are opting for part-time diets. The lastest month to be re-branded is January with the latest craze Veganism. What do you get? Veganuary of course.

According to the organizers 3,200 people have committed to go vegan for the first month of 2014. For those of you who don’t know what a Vegan is it is someone who does eat dairy or meat. Some do this because of their opinions on animal cruelty others do it as a way to keep up a healthy diet. Even celebrities like Beyonce and Jay Z have got involved.

I asked today’s reporters what they think of Veganism and whether they have ever considered becoming one.

Ash Simpson who has been a Vegan for two and a half years spoke to us about Veganary and his thoughts on the new craze of ‘part-time’ diets.

Veganism isn’t something that gets discussed very often and I certainly found it interesting to hear what Ash had to say on the matter. You guys seemed interested too. Here are some texts we had from our listeners:

Less meat consumption is a) healthier for the individual and b) better for everyone as it would reduce carbon dioxide emissions.