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Family Rain interview and session

posted 27.11.13 at 9:41pm by Jack Wood

The fraternal three piece The Family Rain managed to find time in their busy tour schedule to pop by the URN studios to record 3 exclusive tracks and a catch up with an interview (see below). The band have currently released a string of singles, each more hard hitting then the last, with their album coming out in February 2014 the future’s looking bright for the Bath boys.

Having been thoroughly warmed up with their session in the studios the band played a roaring set at Rescue rooms in the evening. It’s clear they’ve honed their live act, with each one separately bringing charms to the performance whether it’s Will’s (Bass/lead vocals) suggestions to forget it’s Monday the next day and bring in the gig to a more intimate level, Oli (guitar) providing some raucous guitar solos or Tim (drums) giving some punch to songs such as “Reason to Die”. But it’s jointly the brothers really shine; the knowing smiles and nods as they provide extra jams during songs, the impeccable harmonies that swell their sound into something much bigger. Most of all, they have you in the palms of their hand throughout the gig - you become part of the family too.

Here's the three song's from the session:

The excellent guitar led Binocular

The blues laden Trust me I'm a Genius, already a confident set closer

Day 25 - The Last Dash for the 'Tache

posted 25.11.13 at 5:41pm by Web Team

It's the final week of Movember which means there are just days left for our presenters to smash out the biggest and best 'tache they can, and what can I say; the results so far are enough to make Tom Selleck cry into a mirror with shame:

It seems the news about URN's Movember spread overseas - even Hulk Hogan wanted to get involved (Oh no wait, sorry, my bad, that's actually Ben Read):

Here's George and Jamie, who have needed the air-con on during their last few shows - their mo's have added at least 3 degrees to their body temperature:

And here's Giles who actually had to send us two different photos just to fit his unruly bristles into the frame:

Who will be the URN Movember champion?! Will Jack and Matt be living the dream as mustachioed Disc Jockeys? Will Mikey bring back his Kilimanjaro facial glory? We'll find out in 3 days...

Day 23 - URN Does Slowvember?

posted 23.11.13 at 1:30pm by Web Team

It's Day 23 which means we're reaching the final push for our Mo-growing presenters. Jack is less than impressed with his mo-gress and is actually convinced his Mo has gotten smaller:

Maybe he subconsciously shaved it, maybe one of the other presenters sabotaged it when he was asleep, maybe that dubious mo-growing cream was actually just acid. A sharpie pen might come in useful this week, Jack?

Day 21 - May The Odds Be Ever In Your Shaver

posted 20.11.13 at 6:01pm by Web Team

It's Day 21 and the release of the Hunger Games sequel seems to have had an effect on the competition between the presenters; heavier weights have been lifted, bigger combs have been polished, Jack and Matt even bought a bow and arrow. Things are getting particularly wild for Mikey, who's grown so much hair he's just been kicked out of his house for blocking the drain with it and has been living in the jungle ever since:

Jack hasn't faced the same fate JUST yet, but he has managed to attain a beard that allows him to do the evil villain beard stroke:

The Pulse: Animal Testing at Universities

posted 20.11.13 at 3:24pm by The Pulse


The Friday Pulse team discussed Animal Testing at University, following the recent revelations that 1.3 million animlas had been killed because of testing at Institutions around the country.

Animal TestingAnimal Testing

Caroline introduced the story for us:

Whilst Caroline continued to outline the views both for and against animal testing, the team gave their initial views on the topic:

With University of Nottingham researchers having killed 26,985 animals during animal testing last year, we got a statement from the University's regarding its posistion on this issue:

Finally, the team discussed whether the fact that 80% of people are unaware that money donated to charities such as Cancer Research could be use to fund animal testing had any impact on the debate:

If you have comments on this story, let us know by leaving them in the comments section below.

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