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The Elections Show - Meet the Activities Candidates

posted 10.03.14 at 11:51pm by The Elections Show

The Activities Candidates... They had no idea what was in store!The Activities Candidates... They had no idea what was in store!

It’s the FINAL week of Students’ Union Elections. We welcomed the Activities candidates; Jonathan Davis, Hugh Purves, Nick Mugridge and Joe Caunce, into the studios. We put them through their paces, ignored their manifestos and made them look a bit stupid in all honesty.

But first of we spoke to Will Jowett to find out, what actually IS campaigning?!
Here’s today’s Elections 101…

Once that was cleared up, we decided to have a cheeky stalk of the candidates’ twitter accounts to find out once and for all, who really is the biggest twit?
Warning: May contain Viagra.

If that wasn’t enough, we decided to test the boys’ knowledge of societies within the SU… Okay, so not every single society, just those beginning with ‘C’. Now that sounds pretty simple, right? …What about if we added a bit of pressure and played music that got faster and faster?

Haim live review

posted 10.03.14 at 11:11pm by The URN Music Team

Haim Live review 4/3/14 at Rock City

"These sisters must have been raised on three doses of rock n’ roll, stagewomanship and attitude"

Local man St.Raymond is given the arduous task of warming up the mainly teenaged “Haimed up” girl crowd that have gathered this cold March evening. With chirpy guitars aplenty by the second song “The River” the crowd are at least tapping their feet to Callum Borrows tropical rhythms and highly frequent use of “Woah oh oh’s” it can all sometimes seem a bit Little Comets like at times. But the young lad has the crowd in the palm of his hands by last track “Fall on your feet” with drums bouncing along, the song ends in a cacophony of tremolo guitars and smiles all round from his support band as they leave the stage, satisfied they might have corrupted some Haim purist with some Sainthood.

URN's Sound of Nottingham (10th March)

posted 10.03.14 at 2:06am by Web Team

Every week, the team from URN After Dark select two tracks for our lovely colleagues to play on their Daytime shows. This year, we have put a specific emphasis on promoting local talent from Nottingham across all genres, that we at URN are keen to support as much as possible through featuring them on our Sound of Nottingham. Our revamped Track of the Week is a song recently released which is yet to hit the mainstream playlists on National Radio and one that we believe is destined for big things. Consider this our way of helping you discover the very best in new music spanning all genres, be it from Nottingham or nationwide!

Sound of Nottingham
This week, we turn to an organic electronic producer duo One Bit, made up of Joe Murphy and Jonty Howard. The first release from One Bit titled ‘Cold’ received its first play on BBC Introducing via Dean Jackson’s show on January 11th 2014 to rave reviews, with Dean going so far as to say “I love it…stunning, I can hear it all over national radio.”

Leading Ladies: A Conversation with Three Power Women at UoN

posted 07.03.14 at 6:53pm by The Pulse


Sarah O'Hara, Ellie McWiliam and Sarah GoslingSarah O'Hara, Ellie McWiliam and Sarah Gosling

This Saturday, the 8th March, marks International Women's Day. Around the world, celebrations of respect, appreciation and love take place to honour women from all walks of life. The United Nations' theme for International Women's Day this year is 'Equality for Women is Progress for All'.

Here at the University of Nottingham we decided to celebrate this by speaking to three of the most powerful women on campus.

This is the announcement on URN of Ellie McWilliam becoming SU President this time last year:

Two other women at different stages of their career at the University are the Chief Executive of your Students' Union, Sarah Gosling, and Sarah O'Hara, one of seven Pro-Vice Chancellors here at the University.

We got the three of them together to discuss their experiences as influential women in the Students' Union and in the University.

Hear the interview in full below.

We first asked Ellie about running for the position of the leader of the union:

If you have any thoughts, please comment below.

It's a Big Picture Bonanza! - Podcasts Podcasts Podcasts

posted 05.03.14 at 6:41pm by The Big Picture

We've been a bit slow in getting podcasts on the net recently, but that just means that we've got a load of new material all at once! Follow the links for discussion on:

- Economic Growth, Royal Finances, and Syria:;

- Obama's State of the Union Address, Michael Gove, and Tube Strikes:;

- The floods, banning smoking in cars with children, and LGBTQ Rights in Russia:;

- Scottish independence, the right to recall MPs, and Swiss migration:;

- Unrest in Ukraine and Venezuela, Harriet Harman's links with PIE, and the prospect of a debate on Europe between Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage:; and

- Our latest show, on Russian intervention in Ukraine, Trades Union Membership in Labour, and SU Elections.

Happy listening! The Elections Show will be taking our timeslot next week, so the next Big Picture will be on 19th March 2014, at 6pm. Do please listen in live and share your opinions by text (07762 212 434, or send a free web text from!