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Diversity, Taylor Swift, Alter Egos, Culture and Class, Met Gala and Cultural Appropriation: The Popular Table - 23/05/2015

Hello and welcome to another edition of The Popular Table!

We are without David this week, but a massive congratulations to Ireland on voting Yes in the marriage referendum! In his absence, Ibi, Mike, Victoria, Sam, Felix, Tom and Alanna get things going with a look forward to Eurovision, briefly touching on the latest Game of Thrones controversy (to be discussed in detail next week), praising Pixar for its latest decision on diversity, criticising Cannes for its heels policy, and looking at the New Mutants spin-off.

In the second part of the show, we fall in love with Taylor Swift all over again, as we discuss her changing image and the use of alter egos in music like Sasha Fierce, Slim Shady and Ziggy Stardust. Then, we talk about whether the creation of culture and the means to get into cultural industries is limited to the middle and upper classes, or whether the working class can be represented without being patronising.

In the final part of this week's show, we talk about how the Met Gala created controversy around cultural appropriation with its theme of China this year, and we go further into discussion appropriation versus inspiration

And that's all for this week! This week's clips were the Eurovision theme song and a clip taken from classic film Oliver!

Relegation battle, Wakefield Wildcats and Monaco GP

Amar was joined by Chris, Adam and David on Tuesday to dissect the latest sporting stories from across the UK and beyond. They began by discussing the Premier League relegation battle, and who will go down on Sunday.

In rugby league Wakefield Wildcats, who haven't won since February, have sacked their coach James Webster. The panel gave their thoughts.

Also on the agenda was the Monaco Grand Prix, which the lads previewed.

The final topic of discussion was the forthcoming French Open tennis and Andy Murray's chances in the tournament.

For more national and international sporting debate, tune in to URN Sport every Tuesday from 6-7pm.

Ireland's MarRef, Supergirl, the 'Best' Film, Social Issues, LGBTQ+ Intersectionality: The Popular Table - 17/05/2015

Hello and welcome to another edition of URN's top pop culture show.

In part one, after producing a campaign video with fellow international Irish students, David calls for a Yes vote in Ireland's Marriage Referendum on May 22nd. Then Ibi, Felix, Sam, and Mike join him to discuss Shearer's Simpsons departure, the new Supergirl trailer, Twin Peaks, and the Plus-Size Appreciation hashtag.

In part two, our gang asks if there can ever be a 'best' anything (film/TV show/book), before moving on to discuss how celebs can influence social issues and charities.

In the final part of this week's show, in Ibi's corner, our pop culture analysts look at LGBTQ+ intersectionality with reference to the Young Avengers comic.

And that's all for this week! The song played in part one is 'Everybody's Voting Yes!' by The Rolling Tav Revue. (
You can listen to our previous shows on and you can also find us on Facebook at and on Twitter at

Vote Yes on May 22nd!
'Til next week!

KP, Murray beats Nadal, Rosberg's win in Spain and Champions League

Simon was joined by Nick and Amar in the URN studio to debate the latest stories from the sporting world. They began with cricket. Despite scoring 355 not out for Surrey, Kevin Pietersen was told on Monday night by new Director of England Cricket Andrew Strauss that he would not be considered to play in the next Ashes series due to issues of trust.

Next up was tennis, where Andy Murray recorded an encouraging win over Rafael Nadal on clay at the Madrid Masters.

F1 was up for discussion with Nico Rosberg beating Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton for the first time this season at the weekend's Spanish Grand Prix. The boys also discussed the changes to the engines.

Finally, the panel chatted Champions League, with the semi-final second legs taking place this week.

For more national and international sports discussion, tune in to URN Sport every Tuesday from 6-7pm.

Comics TV, Miley Cyrus, LGBTQ+ Rights, Interview w. Mathieu Donner, Criticism, Govt. in Pop Culture: Popular Table - 10/5/15

Hello and welcome to another edition of The Popular Table!

On today's show, we welcome special guest Mathieu Donner, the mastermind behind the Popular Culture Lecture Series, alongside David, Mike, Ibi, Victoria and Felix to the studio. In the first segment, we gush over the renewal of Agent Carter, discuss Martin Freeman's mysterious MCU casting and the line-up for Captain America: Civil War, DC's exciting new TV show, and Miley Cyrus's championing of LGBTQ+ rights.

In the second part of the show, we discuss the Popular Culture Lecture Series - its inception, its success and its future - with organiser Mathieu Donner. We then look at call-out culture and the problems with criticising for criticism's sake.

In the final segment this week, we look back at the elections and consider the range of political systems offered by various popular culture portrayals, from totalitarian nightmares to socialist utopias.

Special thanks to Mathieu for coming on the show this week and to Mike for his excellent production skills.

You can listen to our previous shows on and you can also find us on Facebook at and on Twitter at

Thanks for listening and tune in again next week!