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England rugby defeat, England cricket defeat, and Chelsea's League Cup win

Simon was joined by Adam, Amar and David for this Tuesday's URN Sport. They began by talking about England's defeat in their crucial Six Nations match against Ireland, as well as Scotland's disappointing tournament so far.

Staying on the subject of English disappointment, next up for debate was England's 9 wicket defeat at the hands of Sri Lanka in the Cricket World Cup.

After news broke of the FA's desire to enter Team GB men's and women's football teams into the Rio 2016 Olympics, the panel debated the plans.

Finally, Simon asked for the lads' thoughts on Chelsea beating Tottenham at Wembley to win the League Cup.

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Your Ultimate Elections Guide

posted 03.03.15 at 8:34pm by The Pulse


All of this week on The Pulse we are debating all things student leader elections. From Manifestos to Campaigning, the University of Nottingham is to be flooded with candidates trying to persuade you to vote for them. We've debated all of the issues that matter to you, finding out your views in order to provide you with your ultimate guide to the elections.


The ongoing elections are all concerning the Student's Union. However, not all students know what the Student's Union is. We explain how the Union is meant to represent you, and find out what your views on it are:

The team in the studio then discussed how effective they find the Students Union, and whether it needs to do more to engage with those they are representing:


With candidates set to flood campus over the next two weeks, we found out more from you the students about your experiences of the campaigning period:

The team in the studio debated whether campaigning could be too intrusive, and if they took any notice of those standing in Portland canvassing for votes:


URN Meets The Candidates

With campaigns beginning and manifestos launched, URN has caught up with the candidates for this years student leader elections to find out about the policies behind the people and why they are running to be your Student's Union Officers. You can find out about all of the candidates manifestos on our Candidate Hubs, which include all of the campaign videos and links to facebook pages.


First up, we caught up with your current Student's Union President, Harry Copson, to find out what the role involves:

We then spoke to some of the candidates to replace Harry, finding out what they would seek to change if elected:


Joe Caunce also explained to us what the role of Activites Officer involves:

The candidates for Activites Officer then told us why they should be elected to office:


The current Education Officer Adam Bk outlined to us what responsibilities he has:

Meanwhile, those seeking to be next years Education Officer spoke to us about their manifesto points:

Equal Opportunities and Welfare

Interview with Mike Buchanan: Leader of the Justice for Men and Boys Party

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The Interview

Today on The Pulse we spoke to Mike Buchanan, leader of the Justice for Men and Boys (and the women who love them) Party. We quizzed him on his manifesto and posed questions to him from our listeners:

In The Studio

We then had a discussion in the studio about the texts and tweets we recieved and our views on the interview:

Loads of you got in touch during the show. Here is a selection of the texts and tweets we recieved:

Daniel: doesn’t your commitment to attacking feminists rather than defending men suggest you're just a reactionary terrified of change and equality?

I'm concerned about the value of pitting campaigns against one another. Seona

I’m a man. I'm a feminist, that doesn't make me a traitor... If anything that makes me someone in favour of equality in areas such as the pay gap, which definitely exists… Sam

Chris - does he not understand that grants like that and the Marie Clare grant exists to ENCOURAGE women into increasingly gender divided disciplines, like Engineering

#TheDress, Remembering Leonard Nimoy, Fictional Characters, Race-Bending, and Free Speech: The Popular Table - 01/03/2015

Hello and welcome to yet another edition of The Popular Table!

This week, David, Victoria, Felix, and Ibtisam look at how a seemingly harmless dress can spark such a heated debate. They also remember Leonard Nimoy, TV's Spock, and examine other pop culture news.

The gang then respond to a Guardian article by Will Self about how fictional characters resonate with us, before moving on to the topic of race-bending in fan-art and fan-fiction - is this good for visibility, or is it better to adapt stories from Africa and Asia?

Finally, the panellists discuss the death of Bangladeshi blogger Avijit Roy and the subject of free speech in this week's Ibi's Corner.

And that's all for this week. Previous shows can be heard at

If you wish to contact us, you can do so at, and, or you can leave a comment below.

Clips used in this show are from the AsapScience video 'What Colour Is This Dress?' (, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II, the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon series, and a CNN report on the death of Avijit Roy.