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Varsity Rugby League Preview

Venue: Lady Bay
Date: Sunday 3rd May 2015 (19:00)

Rugby League follows hot on the heels of Rugby Union on the Saturday and remains on the Notts Varsity calendar as one of the longest running events.

Nottingham Trent are favourites for the win. They thrashed UoN 40-12 last year, and you have to go back to 2012 for the last green and gold rugby league win.

NTU compete in a higher division than their Nottingham rivals. While the University of Nottingham finished 2nd in Midlands 1A with 4 wins and 3 losses, Trent were competing in Premier South. They finished 5th out of 6, winning 3 and losing 7 of their games.

Varsity Rugby Union Preview

Venue: Lady Bay
Date: Saturday 2nd May 2015 (Ladies’: 17:00, Men’s: 19:00)

Rugby Union women's pre-match interview:
Rugby Union men's pre-match interview:

Rugby Union sits with futsal and ice hockey as one of the swing sports in this year’s Varsity series. Both the men’s and women’s matches are virtually impossible to call.

The men’s fixtures returns after last year’s absence. Two years ago UoN won 22-3, but it will have little bearing on the game in 2015.

Described by team member Joe Budd as “flairy”, the University of Nottingham fancy themselves to entertain. They achieved their target of staying up in Premier North A this year with 4 wins and 8 defeats. Nottingham Trent had a very similar season in Premier North B, finishing 5th out of 7 teams with 6 wins, a draw and 7 losses.

If it wasn’t enough to have one Varsity point in the balance on Saturday then don’t worry. It’s anybody guess as to which side will come out on top in the women’s event too. UoN have been in Midlands 1A after relegation last season, and finished 3rd. Trent were in the same division and finished 2nd, on 35 points compared to Uni’s 34.

#GE2015: Who will you vote for?

Who will you vote for?Who will you vote for?

On May 7th, those of you who have registered will have an opportunity to express your voice on who should form the next Government. Whether you are voting in Nottingham or at home, the campaigning period has been fierce with each of the party's trying to win over your vote.

The amount of information can be intimidating at best, so here at URN we've put together a guide to what each of the parties stands for and who they have nominated to be Nottingham South's next MP.

The Labour Party have promised to raise the minimum wage to £8The Labour Party have promised to raise the minimum wage to £8

The current MP for Nottingham South is Lillian Greenwood, of the Labour Party. The Labour Party have campaigned on a platform focused on the economy. Sam takes you through everything the Ed Milliband's party are standing for in this election:

The Conservatives want to increase NHS fundingThe Conservatives want to increase NHS funding

Varsity Football Preview

Venue: Meadow Lane
Date: Friday 1st May 2015 (Ladies’: 17:30, Men’s: 19:30)

Men's football pre-match interview:

As our national sport, football is always one of the Varsity events that people get especially excited for. It is once again going to be held at Notts County’s beautiful Meadow Lane, with both a women’s and a men’s match.

The University of Nottingham’s record in Varsity football has been poor. Only fourth years may remember seeing a green and gold win in the sport – the women won 1-0 in 2012. UoN lost both fixtures in each of the last two years. In 2014, the women were beaten 2-0 by an excellent Trent side. The men’s team took a first half lead but trailed 3-1 by half-time and were unable to change that scoreline in the second half.

Varsity Volleyball Preview

Venue: Clifton Campus
Date: Thursday 30th April 2015 (19:30)

Volleyball men's and women's pre-match interview:

“Even if they [Trent] get the biggest crowd in the world, they still will lose.” That's what the UoN men’s team captain Jakub Wójcik told URN in an interview with the station to preview the Volelyball Varsity fixture.

His confidence is hard to match, although women’s captain Gina wasn’t far off.

Volleyball is one of the new sports to the Varsity calendar, and could be an addition that works in the University of Nottingham’s favour.

The women’s team finished 3rd in Midlands 1A this season with 5 wins and 5 defeats. It was the same league standing as Trent’s ladies, but was achieved one division higher.

Similarly, the men’s team have competed a level higher than their Trent opponents this year. Whereas NTU finished 2nd in Midlands 2A, UoN won Midlands 1A – losing only 1 of their 10 matches all season.