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The Pulse: The Real Story of Students Abroad.

posted 16.06.14 at 5:42pm by Web Team

The Pulse investigates Studying Abroad.The Pulse investigates Studying Abroad.

Over the past year The Pulse have been investigating the experience of students abroad. We spoke to students who studied, worked and travelled abroad to discover problems they had found with their time away.

This began because a student came to us with her story about her time in Columbia on an AIESEC-organised internship. The main issue she faced was safety. This led us to consider what other problems students face while abroad, and how much help the University really offer to students, or whether students are left to fend for themselves.

Take a listen to out full investigation here:

Here are some comments we had throughout the show.

Money was always tight but that is the nature of being a student. Housing was an issue for me only because it was far more expensive than I expected it to be.

I struggled to find an internship in Spain for a few months and the spanish year abroad office didn't reply to my emails. Luckily I found one in the end.

I found classes in Canada were of a much harder level than I was anticipating, and I hadn't accounted for the difficulty of being completely alone, 1000s of miles from home and friends.

Cripps Health Centre leads the way in Living Wage.

posted 09.06.14 at 6:00pm by The Pulse

Celebrations were held at Cripps as the GP surgery becomes the first living wage accredited in the Midlands.Celebrations were held at Cripps as the GP surgery becomes the first living wage accredited in the Midlands.

Today celebrations were held on campus as Cripps Health Centre, the GP surgery on campus, became an accredited Living Wage employer. This makes it the first GP in the Midlands to do so.

We went along to the event where members of the surgery who agreed to the deal, members of the Living Wage campaign and the students' union were present.

Paying a Living Wage means that workers at Cripps will be paid an hourly rate set independently and calculated according to the basic cost of living in the UK. This currently stands at £7.65 an hour, significantly higher than the national minimum wage of £6.31. At present employers choose to pay the Living Wage on a voluntary basis.

Dr Hugh Porter, GP at the Cripps health centre, told us why he made the decision to pay the Living wage:

Students played a key part in the campaign, setting up their own UoN Living Wage group. We spoke to Mike Pugh about how he got involved:

Sam Leach spoke at the event which you can hear below. We also asked him why he thinks workers at The University of Nottingham being paid Living Wage is important to students:

The Big Picture Podcast - Latest Edition Now Live!

The latest edition of the Big Picture podcast is now available to listen to and download - just follow the link:

This time, Matt takes the chair for the last time ever, putting questions to the panel about:

- The exchange of five Taliban detainees at Guantanamo Bay for US Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, and what it means for peace in the Middle East;

- The controversy over the appointment of the President of the European Commission in the wake of David Cameron's threat to move his proposed British membership referendum forward to 2016 if current front-runner Jean-Claude Juncker is appointed; and

- The privatisation of public services, with a particular focus on Michael Gove's plans to take certain child protection functions out of State hands.

Thoughts? Comments? Post them below, or tune in next week to join the discussion live! The next (and second-last) Big Picture will be broadcast on Weds. 11th June at 6pm, live on URN. Tune in!

Hannah interviews Ella Eyre

posted 04.06.14 at 2:42pm by Hannah & Sabrina

Hear when I met Ella Eyre before her show at Rescue rooms. Discover the star beneath all that crazy curly hair!

Bad Exams: Error in Physics Paper Forces Resits.

posted 03.06.14 at 6:08pm by The Pulse

A third year physics exam can be resat on Friday.A third year physics exam can be resat on Friday.

Here at the University of Nottingham we are in the midst of exams. Exams are pretty stressful anyway, but for some students they are even MORE stressful because the exam itself contains errors.

This has come to light recently as a recent third year Physics paper had so many errors in it that they have offered the students a resit this Friday – an unprecedented drastic solution.

We spoke to a Physics student who took this exam to get the full story:

We spoke to the Physics department and found out that the original paper had been proofread and did not have mistakes in it, but it was actually the fault of the printing company. Apparently the printers couldn’t read all the scientific symbols and so some were missed off. Clearly though, once the paper got back from the printers no-one checked it before it was given to students.

We spoke to Professor Bowtell, the Head of Physics, to see what they are doing about this massive mistake:

We asked our Physics student how this has affected him and what he thinks of the resit opportunity:

This isn’t a rare occurrence as there seem to be mistakes in lots of exams. We’ve had some tweets in about exam errors: