Film News, Aquamomoa, Cucumber and Representation, The Culture of Fan Theories, and Symbols: The Popular Table - 22/02/2015

Hello, and welcome to another edition of The Popular Table.

On today's show, Victoria, Ibi, Sam, and David examine some the latest casting and film news, including the recently-released picture of Jason Momoa as the King of Atlantis, Aquaman.

Following this, our gang of enthusiastic broadcasters look at one of Russell T. Davies' latest dramas, Cucumber, and ask if it fails in representing gay men over fifty. They also look at ageism in popular culture. This piece was inspired by an article published in PinkNews:
Also in this segment: the culture of fan theories.

In the final segment, Ibi looks at the power of symbols in fictional revolutionary movements, and how individuals sometimes need to stand as symbols in order to succeed.

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Clips used in this show are from the song 'Aquaman's Lament' by Motion Sick, an interview with Alan Cumming, a trailer for Channel 4's 'Cucumber', The Simpsons, and V for Vendetta.

URN Presents: Another SU Show!

On the 11th of February, we invited your SU Officers, Kiri Madhani and Joe Caucne to join us on The Pulse! They explained how their year has been going so far, as well as to play a few games!

We began by speaking to your SU Sports Officer, Kiri Madhani, about how the year was going for our University Sports Teams and whether she was meeting her manifesto targets:

The show wasn't all questions though, as we also tested some new possible Varsity Sports out on Kiri and Joe, with everything from BlowBall to Cracker Eating. Who would be victorious? One of the officers ended up particularly unhappy with the result...

As well as questioning Kiri, we asked Joe how his year has gone so far and what we can look forward to seeing around campus over the rest of the year!

Asking questions wasn't enough to test Joe however, as we wanted to find out committed he was to his role by seeing how much pop culture knowledge he has, as he faced the scary-sounding Procrastinator in a quiz-off...

The Big Picture - Wednesday 18th February

We started the show with a fierce discussion about David Cameron's proposal to take job seekers benefits away form young people between the age 18 and 25 unless they do 30 hours of unpaid work.

In the second part, our panel talked about a church of England bishops joint open letter in which they call for a fresh moral vision of the kind of country we want to be.

Lastly, we talked about a protest which happen in Portland building last week which called for ending the university's investments in fossil fuels companies.

Six Nations, Lance Armstrong and Rooney's dive?

Simon was joined by Chris and David for Tuesday's edition of URN Sport. First on the agenda was the Six Nations. They began by discussing England's triumph over Italy.

The conversation moved on to debate Lance Armstrong being ordered to pay $10 million to SCA Promotions, a Dallas sports insurance company that paid Armstrong's bonuses for winning the Tour de France and then helped cause his epic fall from grace in 2012.

The latest round of the FA Cup saw West Brom beat West Ham United 4-0, which the boys discussed.

Finally, Manchester United beat Preston North End 3-1 on Monday night (also in the FA Cup). Wayne Rooney won a controversial penalty. The panel discussed whether the England captain had dived.

For more national and international sports chat, tune in to URN Sport every Tuesday from 6-7pm.

SU Election Candidates Announced

The candidates for the 2014 Student Leader Elections have been announced! 68 candidates are running for the seven full-time roles and seven part-time roles (up from 45 last year). These candidates are running to represent you within the Students’ Union, with all elected full-time officers being paid throughout their time in office.

The candidates for the seven full-time Student Leader positions, as they will show on the ballot, are:


  • Angharad Smith
  • Ben Malone
  • Ed Keevil
  • Johnny Lawrence
  • Marcos Luz
  • Nicole Ocansey
  • Sebastian Glen (withdrew 16/02/2015)
  • Shusha Mahdy
  • Venu Katta (withdrew 20/02/2015)
  • William Segrave
  • YOLO


  • Andrew Jenkins
  • Harry Turnbull
  • Priyanka
  • Rob Jennings
  • Yaks (Yahya el Asmar)


  • A
  • Dan O'Connor
  • Daniel Rattigan
  • Matthew Woodward
  • Ollie Bridal
  • Robert Murdock
  • Serena Kohar
  • Yasemin Talsi


  • Adda Pinzariu
  • Alison Ratcliffe
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