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Student injured in Rock City fall

posted 09.10.14 at 11:34am by The Pulse


A student, presumed to be from the University of Nottingham, suffered what is being described as a 'severe head injury' having fallen from the balcony at club Rock City last night.

Attending the clubnight Crisis, the student, believed to be a 19 year old male, fell from the balcony in the main room at approximately 12.40am, with police and paramedics arriving on the scene within 4 minutes.

The man was rushed to QMC hospital, and ITV news are reporting that the police have stated that he has serious but 'non-threatening injuries'.

In the aftermath of the incident, Rock City released the following statement, praising the behaviour of nearby students and confirming that those with late-entry tickets would be refunded:

'We would like to apologise to our customers this evening that we unfortunately needed to close the main room due to a customer falling from the balcony. Rock City staff were quick to react and police and ambulance staff were on site within four minutes.

Given the serious nature of the incident it was entirely necessary.The individual was conscious whilst being treated, but clearly had sustained a severe head injury. He was rushed to QMC medical centre for emergency care.

SU investigating Week One chants

posted 09.10.14 at 11:14am by The Pulse


Following video footage released by the University of Nottingham's on-campus student magazine, Impact, your Student's Union have announced they are investigating chants made by some Week One reps that have been construed as offensive.

Your Wednesday Pulse team looked into the matter, and firstly Emma outlined what the issue was and how your SU President, Harry Copson, had reacted to the issue:

The Pulse also spoke to Activties Officer Joe Caunce who told us the exact stance of the Students Union, stating they are 'taking it very seriously, and that an investigation is underway'.

The in-studio team then discussed their own views on the topic, as the possibility that this may have been blown out of proportion was debated:

If you have any concerns on this issue, remember that your Student's Union are here to help you and there is support available if needed. We at URN Pulse will continue to bring you updates on this issue as and when they are made available by the Student's Union.

If you want to share your views on this topic with us, you can do so by tweeting us @URNPulse or leaving a comment below.

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Vettel jumps ship, Balotelli, and KP

posted 07.10.14 at 11:58pm by URN Sport

This Tuesday Simon was joined on URN Sport by Danny, Bradley and Chris. The panel began with F1, and among other things discussed Sebastian Vettel's decision to leave Red Bull for Ferrari.

Football was next on the agenda. Liverpool beat West Brom at the weekend, but Mario Balotelli started on the bench after being dropped by manager Brendan Rodgers. The lads discussed Balotelli and the reasons for Liverpool's sluggish start to the season.

At the end of the show Simon asked the panel for their thoughts on Kevin Pietersen, who has claimed there was bullying in the England dressing room in his new autobiography, which is launched on Thursday.

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Compulsory Sexual Consent Classes: Do we need them at Nottingham?

posted 04.10.14 at 2:35pm by The Pulse

Compulsory sexual consent workshops are being held at Cambridge University for first year students from next week and on The Pulse we asked whether there is a need for them here in Nottingham.

Women’s officer at Cambridge University, Amelia Horgan, is one of the people organising the workshops and tells us why they are needed:

After some discussion on the show one reporter felt uncomfortable that these classes were compulsory. Amelia responded to this concern:

We then looked to the idea of introducing these workshops at the University of Nottingham and spoke to Welfare Officer, Chloe Averill, about her thoughts on this:

Georgia Durham is from UoN Feminists and explains why these consent classes are needed here in Nottingham:

SU Initative: Safer Taxi Scheme

posted 03.10.14 at 4:55pm by The Pulse

Your Student's Union are re-emphasising the importance of a scheme that they have launched in conjunction with D&G taxi services over the past few years, which aims to ensure that you get home safely on a night out.

Named the Safer Taxi Scheme, the service is comprised of two parts - The Fixed Price scheme, and the Emergency Taxi Service - and we caught up with your Students Union Equal Opportunities and Welfare officer, Chloe Averill, to discuss what the whole scheme was about, initially focusing on the Fixed Price element:

Your Thursday Pulse team of Sam, Annabel, Joe Archer, Mike and Joe Ireland then discussed the Fixed Price scheme in particular and whether they themselves would use it.

We also spoke to Chloe about the Emergency Taxi service, as she highlighted the dangers of students using unlicensed taxi's on a night out:

The team in the studio then also gave there opinions on the service, with views split over whether it would work in practice and whether not students should simply be responsible for their own Welfare: