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Uni Take 7-5 Varsity lead after Hockey

posted 31.03.14 at 4:18pm by URN Sport

Beeston hockey club was the location of perhaps one of the most one dominant victories in Varsity series. Uni would take on Trent in 9 games over the course of the day winning, incredibly, all 9.

The two most important of these victories came in the Mens and Ladies first teams victories over their trent counterparts, securing UNI 2 points in the Varstiy sereis.

The ladies game was up first and the UNI team were dominant right from the off taking control of possession and terrority. It didnt take them long to turn this domination into points taking the lead after just 7 minutes. UNI never looked back and extending their lead at regular intervals running out 7-0 winners.

We spoke to the UNI captain Lucy after the game.

The men were also dominant in their game looking far too powerful and skillful for trent right from the early stages. It was only the Trent keeper who was in great form that kept the score 0-0 in the early stages. UNI would break the deadlock from a short corner which was impressively hit and extended their lead to 2-0 on the stroke of half time. The second half was a slightly more even contest, however Trent could not get back on level terms UNI running out 3-1 victors.

Next up in the Varsity series is Football at Meadow Lane just after easter.

URN's Sound of Nottingham (31st March)

posted 31.03.14 at 1:08pm by Web Team

Every week, the team from URN After Dark select two tracks for our lovely colleagues to play on their Daytime shows. This year, we have put a specific emphasis on promoting local talent from Nottingham across all genres, that we at URN are keen to support as much as possible through featuring them on our Sound of Nottingham. Our revamped Track of the Week is a song recently released which is yet to hit the mainstream playlists on National Radio and one that we believe is destined for big things. Consider this our way of helping you discover the very best in new music spanning all genres, be it from Nottingham or nationwide!

Sound of Nottingham

This week, we turn to local, three-piece band Three Girl Rhumba. Made up of Tom Thurgood, James Sefton and Ian Lee. They played only their second show last week at Jam Cafe on Friday, but have many more lined up for the months ahead having spent a year focussing on writing music and rehearsing. They are expecting to release their first EP in the coming months, with launch parties scheduled in Nottingham and London. Their EP has been recorded under the watchful guidance of London Recordings, who were also responsible for Dog is Dead's debut album.

Dan Croll live review Bodega 24/3/14

posted 30.03.14 at 7:26pm by The URN Music Team

Dan Croll-Live Review at Bodega 24/3/14

"delicious pop nuggets not a well planned three-course meal"

A cold Monday in March saw Dan Croll return to Nottingham for the third time, and first time embracing the Bodega as a headliner. It’s a testament to Croll’s increased popularity over the last few months, to see as he takes to the stage, adoring fans fill the room wall-to-wall, awaiting the first summer tinged vibes we have come to associate with debut album “Sweet Disarray”. The crowd are willing but it’s not until “Thinkin Aboutchu’s” chorus that venue and Croll feel more comfortable with smiles peppering the chirpy organ that begins the first genuinely rhythmically movement from the crowd.

Nottingham Community Lunch: Is the Advantage Award worthwhile?

posted 29.03.14 at 3:00pm by The Pulse

Your Friday Pulse team reflected on the Universities' Nottingham Advantage Award, following last weekend's Nottingham Community Lunch event.

The Nottingham Community Lunch brought together students from the University of Nottingham and Nottingham University Samworth Academy in conjunction with Nottingham City Homes' Tenant Academy, as event organiser Talia Samuelson explains:

Considering events like these bring students and the local community together, the team discussed whether they thought these were important and if similar events should be held more often in future:

The Nottingham Community Lunch was held under a module of the Nottingham Advantage Award, and having spoken to Talia Samuelson and Rachel Van Krimpen (from UoN Off Campus Student Affairs) earlier in the week, we asked them to explain the benefits of completing the Award:

Having heard this clip, the team then discussed the benefits of the Nottingham Advantage Award and whether the University should be doing to promote it, and other extra-curricular activities on campus:

The Miami Music Week Lowdown (Friday)

posted 28.03.14 at 6:31pm by Web Team

Miami Music Week is taking its toll as 3 DJs end up in hospital

We promised to bring you the latest developments and gossip from Miami Music Week; well here are some juicy bits straight out of the Sunshine State!

Twitter erupted night last in the wee hours as party-goers at the SLS Hotel in Miami were told that Avicii would not be performing his scheduled headline set because he had been taken to hospital with a mysterious illness.The Hotel had pulled out all the stops for the massive pool party, even replacing their usual logo on the side of the building with 'AVICII' - awkward!

Very few details have emerged as to why he was rushed to hospital and many are speculating on Twitter as to what is wrong with Ultra’s Saturday night headliner. We hope the Swedish superstar DJ recovers in time to wow the crowd on Saturday night but unbelievable, Avicii wasn’t the only DJ visiting A&E yesterday.