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Ron Pope interview/review at Rescue Rooms 7/2/14

posted 15.02.14 at 8:56pm by The URN Music Team

Ron Pope Interview/Review

When interviewing Ron Pope one of the questions I asked him was, “What would you do if not music?” and quite humble he answered that he didn’t really think he was good enough at doing anything else, he said he’d been an awful security guard, a terrible waiter and detailed other unsuccessful jobs that he’d had before the breakthrough in music. Truth be told though, he definitely knew how to do music when I went to see him at Rescue Rooms.

From walking into the gig to leaving there was such a level of hospitality that automatically makes experiencing a gig so much better. Ron Pope was constantly asking us as an audience whether we were have a good time and whether we were enjoying the songs. Having an interaction with the artist on stage and knowing that they care whether you’re having a good time is what makes live music so much more enticing than just putting on an album and Ron Pope delivered on all levels.

John Newman- Rock City 9/2/2014

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John Newman review- Rock City Nottingham 9/2/2014

Since being discovered singing in a Finsbury Park pub by Rudimental not so long ago, John Newman, a young man from the Yorkshire Dales with a fetish for northern soul, has landed himself two number one singles in the form of Feel the Love with Rudimental and a solo effort with Love me Again in 2013. He has just released his debut album named Tribute.

Judging by the rapturous reception the album has received on both sides of the Atlantic, the heart-break on which it is based on will seem almost worthwhile for Newman.
Like his decidedly cougar-infested fan base, John Newman roared into a swashbuckling and sweaty display of vocal vigour and hip swinging action when he finally entered from behind the sensual curtain on the stage of Rock City only ten minutes after the advertised starting time.

The 23-year-old’s ease and confidence in front of a crowd was apparent from the outset with a declaration of the beauty of Nottingham’s Newmanators.

The first three tracks followed which were drum heavy with the strong gravely lyrics and vocals synonymous with Newman. They were, however, disappointingly similar until his fourth track, a slow emotional effort to build the atmosphere into the well-known and well produced Losing Sleep which peaked at a disappointing number 48 in the UK charts in December 2013.

Neknominate - what's the harm?

posted 07.02.14 at 8:18pm by The Pulse


"Neknominate", also known as "neck and nominate", is a drinking trend that has spread across Nottingham campus in the past two weeks. It began as a chance to be creative and share funny videos online with friends, but after deaths have been associated with the game opinions are beginning to change.

The Pulse looked into how it began, students' stories and opinions on the trend, and where it's headed:

We spoke to Jack about his pre-exam "neknomination":

The rest of the team shared their experiences of the game:

The Pulse Team gave their final word on whether "Neknominate" is dangerous or fun:

If you have any neknominate stories or thoughts on the discussion then please comment below.

Varsity Rugby League

posted 07.02.14 at 3:29pm by The Sport Show

Varsity Rugby LeagueVarsity Rugby League

Tonight marks the second clash in this year’s Varsity series as the University of Nottingham take on Trent in rugby league. UoN go into the game with a 1-0 series lead so far, following the spectacular 4-3 win in the Ice Hockey at the Capital FM Arena only a week ago.

The UoN rugby league players go into the game knowing they have an uphill task, facing a Trent side that not only beat them 8-14 in this fixture last year but are also in the division above them in the BUCs league.

This is Varsity however, where anything can happen, and spurred on by a hopefully sell-out crowd at the Harvey Hadden stadium the Uni lads have a great chance of making the overall varsity score 2-0.

If you wish to attend the event there is a free Bus running to the arena from both the Portland building and the Savoy at 6pm.

If you can’t attend stay locked in to URN for all your varsity coverage.

Students and the SU React to Lecturer's Facebook Comments

posted 05.02.14 at 8:41pm by The Pulse

The School of EnglishThe School of English

Yesterday, it was found that Tony Fisher, a lecturer in the School of English here at Nottingham, had made derogatory comments about students on his public Facebook page. We discussed this, and various reactions to it, on The Pulse.

Caitlin first explained a bit about the comments:

Next we discussed the issue in the studio:

We spoke to Lucy, who is one of Tony's tutees, and who supports the view that this was a simple mistake which has been blown out of proportion:

Not everyone agreed though, as we discovered when we went out and about on campus to get other students' views.

You were keen to express your views about this throughout the show. One listener said:

"There isn't an issue at all. It's such a non-story...I'm more concerned that students who are adults are unable to handle comments on the internet without freaking out to this extent. If someone says something online that you disagree with either ignore it or just tell them. This just in, Nottingham admits babies."

Someone else added: