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Want to feel incredible, inspired and entertained? Well what better way than to race through some of the HIGHLIGHTS of multiple shows in 6 minutes 24 of pure bliss?! If only it was longer! (But don't worry, we have other podcasts too!)

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URN Sport - Thursday 30/10/14 - Diving, New Sports Village, BUCS and Stuart Pearce

On this week's show Sam is joined by Calum, James and Chris. The guys are joined by Matt and Caroline from the Diving Club. They also hear from SU Sports Officer Kiri Madhani about the newly announced £40 million expansion of the sports centre on University Park campus. The week's BUCS results are rounded-up as usual, and there's also another chance to hear URN's interview with Nottingham Forest manager and England legend Stuart Pearce.

48:05 minutes (44.02 MB)

That Was the Week That Was - Podcast #1

In the first version of the new URN News team podcast, That Was the Week That Was, we take a look at an SU Referendum, Twitter Trolls and the University of Nottingham's TedX Society. Tune into the Pulse every day at 5 for more on campus, local and national news!

17:11 minutes (23.61 MB)

Tea and Busquets - Podcast #2

On this weeks Pod, James, Sam, Rod and Ollie take you through El Clasico, Dortmund's woes and why Italian clubs idolise certain players. We also introduce to a Scottish wonderkid and round up last weeks Champions league action.

46:32 minutes (63.91 MB)

Season 2 Episode 5

Low turnout in the studio with only Charlie and Tom, Redknapp (Jono) fails another fitness test to this time to make it to the studio not the pitch. Show includes... ERCC round up, a brief critique of some Sunday paper columns. Phone interviews with England 7's star Christian Lewis Pratt and Durham University 1st XV player James Middleton providing some BUCS rugby insights. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

41:26 minutes (56.91 MB)