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Want to feel incredible, inspired and entertained? Well what better way than to race through some of the HIGHLIGHTS of multiple shows in 6 minutes 24 of pure bliss?! If only it was longer! (But don't worry, we have other podcasts too!)

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The Week That Was - Podcast #9

This week on the Pulse, over 20 topics were discussed, and in this version of The Week That Was we give you flavor of what was debated, as Meg and Sam take you through our coverage of Students becoming Freegans, a discussion over whether Hallward Library should be turned into a nightclub and whether our University experience is simply one big 'popularity contest'. You can hear more from the Pulse, every weekday from 5 live on URN.

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URN Sport - Thursday 29/01/15 - Judo, BUCS, Amended Sports Centre Plans, Forest and County

James is joined by Ben, Harry and Paddy. They chat to Nadia, women's captain of the UoN Judo Club. After reviewing the week's BUCS results, the team hear from SU Sports Officer Kiri Madhani on the rejection of plans for a new sports centre on Uni Park campus. Finally, the lads talk Forest and County.

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Body Image Concerns: A Welfare Officer's View

The growing success of plus-size model Tess Holliday has led to a debate on body image amongst young people, so we caught up with SU Equal Opportunities and Welfare Officer, Chloe Averill, to find out her view - and to learn what support is available on campus if you have any body image concerns.

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So Many Lies Series 2 - Episode 1

Ben Roberts presents a new series of URN's own panel game show 'So Many Lies'
Panellists this show are Dario Mincioni, Gareth Hughes, Alice Tilbury and resident panellist Harry Turnbull.

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