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Want to feel incredible, inspired and entertained? Well what better way than to race through some of the HIGHLIGHTS of multiple shows in 6 minutes 24 of pure bliss?! If only it was longer! (But don't worry, we have other podcasts too!)

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Jordan and Ben- the unemployed men: Wedding Planner Challenge

After weeks of trying out sandwich artistry, relationship guru-ing and marketing, Jordan and Ben attempt their final challenge together- Wedding Planning. Hear the disastrous results here....

Ben may say the donkey related word, but it's all okay right?

6:06 minutes (8.43 MB)

The Big Picture Podcast - ISIS in Iraq, Scottish Independence, and the Sun's "Free Issue"

In this final show of the 2013/14 academic year, first broadcast on June 18th 2014, David chairs the Big Picture for the last time in seven years. Joined by Seb and Luke, he posed questions on ISIS's incursion into Iraq; the ongoing political circus around Scottish independence; and the controversy over the Sun's "free issue" and Ed Miliband's apparent endorsement of it.

The Big Picture returns in October 2014. We hope you'll continue to listen in!

David's P.S. - Like anything you try to do on the fly, my list of people who've had a profound impact on the show was woefully lacking. Here's a fuller list, although inevitably even this will be incomplete. In any event, the Big Picture would not be where it is today without the input, care and attention of people such as: Steve Doran, Martin Orchard, Jason Maude, Kim Kotchanski, Will Cooling, Luke Middup, Matt Gayle, Thomas Preece, Simon Alvey, Simon Brown, Rob Lowcock, David "Jeff" Horsman,Charlie Bentley, Matt Bradshaw-Huges, Joseph Todd, Louis Cotgrove, and Jonnie Jenkin. Nothing like this show is a solo effort, and if my involvement has meant anything at all it's because of them, and not me. I only hope we did you all proud.

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Series 2 - Episode 7

The final episode in this season of the Gag Show

32:14 minutes (44.28 MB)

Feed Your Fem: A Night Out.

For the final Feed Your Fem of the year we go on a night out! This episode follow the stages of a student on a night out and the problems along the way. We look at the gender differences in getting ready and travelling home as well as offensive branding of nightclubs.

29:26 minutes (28.87 MB)