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Want to feel incredible, inspired and entertained? Well what better way than to race through some of the HIGHLIGHTS of multiple shows in 6 minutes 24 of pure bliss?! If only it was longer! (But don't worry, we have other podcasts too!)

6:24 minutes (5.92 MB)

Tea and Busquets - Podcast #1

James is joined by Sam and Rod in the first of a new European Podcast, where they discuss how the Italian, Spanish and German leagues are shaping up after 8 games, as well as the Champions League's surprise package and the Football Manager Wonderkid Alen Halilovic.

43:27 minutes (59.68 MB)

Improv 19th October 2014


31:02 minutes (28.41 MB)

So Many Lies Series 1 - Episode 2

So Many Lies is URN's panel game show presented by Ben Roberts and produced by James Gooderson. This week guests are Gareth Hughes, Will Jowet, Mikey Nissembaum and resident panelist Harry Turnbull.

28:03 minutes (25.69 MB)

Writers' Corner - Episode 3

The Creative Writing Society present their best bits!

14:30 minutes (13.27 MB)