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URN is the University of Nottingham's award winning student radio station.You can listen online, on 1350AM on campus or in some of the university's shops and bars.

Wed 19/Oct/2011

Our first show! AND our first podcast - how exciting! We remove the nonsense rubbish stuff you don't want to hear, and just leave the awesome chit chat and features in!

19:11 minutes (17.57 MB)

Mon 24/Oct/2011

Our second show, however not our normal slot! We were asked to cover an empty slot and that's exactly what this is! Some technical difficulties from the beginning, so please don't fret!

Also Giles Gear (Thursday mornings) is on the show for a bit too!

37:32 minutes (34.37 MB)

Wed 26/Oct/2011

Our third show, but our second in our normal slot! Our first parodies are broadcast on air (although not in this podcast - all parodies are released as separate podcasts!), and we play Let's get quizzical!

Finally we have some proper jingles going!

37:29 minutes (34.32 MB)

Wed 2/Nov/2011

Giles Gear is on the show again! We play the usual games, and introduce a few new features/jingles!
But there's a twist! Listen to find out...

41:04 minutes (37.6 MB)

Wed 9/Nov/2011

A show that went down a treat, a load of stuff going on, a brand new feature. And of course Jack is back!

52:53 minutes (48.42 MB)

Wed 16/Nov/2011

Wow. That's a way to describe today's show. Lots and lots of stuff. Jack figures out a new feature we could do, we have a winner for let's get quizzical in less than 30 seconds and we do a live twitter feed. How about that. And it's all in just two hours. Boom.

49:14 minutes (45.08 MB)

Wed 23/Nov/2011

New Feature - Tweet Me Up; and Jack Reveals some interesting information.

23:10 minutes (21.21 MB)

Wed 30/Nov/2011

Jack Interviews the Vaccines, so Matt interviews Jack. But who is Jack?

26:32 minutes (24.3 MB)

Wed 18/Jan/2012

First show back after christmas, with less talking than usual, as we played more music while you study!

16:37 minutes (15.21 MB)

Wed 25/Jan/2012

Second Epic Show of 2012. And las on a Wednesday! Tune in on Saturdays 8-10am from now on, enjoy our last wednesday show of this year!

13:02 minutes (11.93 MB)

Sat 04/Feb/2012

This was our first Saturday show, and it was bangin' ;)

10:58 minutes (10.05 MB)

Sat 11/Feb/2012

Caution! Contains: Cimorelli intro, random chitchat, the news and a SONG!

14:01 minutes (12.83 MB)

Sat 18/Feb/2012

We release key information about our competition! Head over to www.jackandmatt.co.uk for more!

11:50 minutes (10.83 MB)

Sat 25/Feb/2012

We get to play another song in our podcast! Jack talks about brits! Matt has some wacky news! All-in-all, another epic show!

19:34 minutes (17.91 MB)

Sat 03/Mar/2012

Wacky News, Record Attempt and Jack Wins BOTD!

8:50 minutes (8.09 MB)

Sat 10/Mar/2012

Different Studio, Wacky news and Jack wins BOTD again!

11:36 minutes (10.62 MB)

Sat 17/Mar/2012

New style to the show and Jack wins BOTD ... AGAIN.

24:03 minutes (22.01 MB)