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Best Bits compilation: First ever URN broadcast

Giles Gear hits the URN airwaves for the first time for an action packed two hour breakfast show.
This best-bits compilation includes the first playing of the top secret introduction featuring the X factor's voiceover man, the hugely anticipated game 'Humdingers', and URN's own Matt Gundry joining him for the last hour.

WARNING: Banter includes Quidditch bashing, talk of the new Paranormal Acivity and the worst ways to chat up a girl.

Tune in every Thursday morning 8-10am to listen to Wake up with Giles Gear, your weekly dose of music, motivation and merriment!

31:57 minutes (29.25 MB)

Best Bits episode two: Dementor attack, Christmas and giraffes...

My second show for URN develops into one of the more surreal experiences: this week's 'Humdinger' was correctly guessed within ten minutes, a first for Wake up With Giles Gear, and as always Matt joined me at nine o'clock, and two minutes prior to that, one of the strangest texts ever sent in is read out live on air.

Featured in this week's podcast is the hotly anticipated Dementor attack interview/audio: NUTS filmed a prank where they stormed the Wednesday game of Quidditch dressed basically in bin bags, and terrfied the Harry Potter fanatics; luckily, I was on hand with a voice recorder to capture this momentous occasion...

38:38 minutes (35.37 MB)

Best Bits episode three: Celebrations, Movember and a LIVE Rap Battle

Rather than taking a more relaxed attitude after last week's hectic show, episode three of Giles Gear's best bits include two BRAND new games: 'I don't believe it' and the self-explanatory 'Rap Battle'.
The Rap-off featured an unsuspecting Matthew Gundry and myself rapping live on air, to whatever topic listeners texted in - this week, it ended up being 'school meals'. We had eight minutes to write eight lines of Eminem-standard rap. On top of that, the podcast features the usual dose of giggles, shout outs and general banter. Get listening, get involved, get into Gear.

15:27 minutes (14.14 MB)

Best Bits episode four: Nandos, babestation and ice cream with gravy

How time has flown by, only four weeks ago was my first ever broadcast...and yet more mistakes were made today than that first show! Podcast highlights include this week's Humdinger, advice on surviving Nandos and its hot sauce, more contemplation of Christmas songs, chat about cooking disasters and of course, the legendary rap battle. Download/listen for a giggle, remember to follow me on Twitter @Gilorules and you can also like 'Wake Up With Giles Gear' on Facebook!

40:04 minutes (36.69 MB)

Best Bits episode five: Weird celebrity crushes, Elves and Hugh Grant or Colin Firth?

This weeks podcast features a lovely new customed introduction, just to enhance the enjoyment factor of a Wake Up With Giles Gear show! As the title suggests, both heart-throbs Hugh Grant and Colin Firth dominated the show, as did my one off feature: Weird celebrity crushes. Like what you hear? Tune in every Thursday, 8-10am.
NEXT WEEK - Christmas special!

29:28 minutes (26.99 MB)

Best Bits episode six: Christmas special

The first of three planned Christmas specials, featuring asking a pregnant woman if giving birth gets her in a Christmassy mood, the weekly live rap battle with a judge to offer actual scores, and a general festive feel to get you ready for everyone's favourite time of year!

20:13 minutes (18.52 MB)

Best Bits episode eight: Christmas finale, interview with Santa and embarrassing moments

Episode seven un-edited so this finale will have to whet your appetite: final show of 2011, I was left alone for the first time, but it didn't stop the show being full of fun, features, frivoloties and a general Christmassy feel! Tune in in 2012 for brand new games, it's going to be a good year!

14:37 minutes (13.38 MB)

Best Bits episode nine: 2012, Best and Worst and The End of the World

The first show of 2012 began with a bit of a shakey start, but as soon as I began my new game 'Best and Worst,' discussing what would be the Best and Worst gifts to get the Queen for her Jubilee, everything fell into place! Matt Gundry and newcomer Ben Wallen join me for 'The End of the World,' my BRAND NEW game, the most epic pub quiz every created! Twitter: @gilorules , On air Thursdays 8-10am

18:04 minutes (16.54 MB)

Best Bits episode ten: Seagulls, celebrity adverts (including Samuel L Jackson's 'Rakes on a Plane') and a URN fragrance

The second show of 2012 featured much merriment and some of the most random yet highly amusing conversations ever. Including discussions of why seagulls are flying around Nottingham even though it's no-where near the coast, the Best and Worst ways to relieve stress, Brian Blessed doing adverts for hearing problems and The End of the World - my epic pub quiz to end all pub quizzes. Follow @gilorules.

22:18 minutes (20.42 MB)

Best Bits episode eleven: Most overused word, Batman and carelessness

Today we discussed carelessness and how one man accidently shot himself in the head with a 3.25 inch nail, The End of the World quiz had a clear winner and the best and worst chat up lines were brought to light - with some real crackers for anyone looking for love!

Twitter: @gilorules Facebook.com/wakeupwithGilesGear

21:02 minutes (19.26 MB)

Best Bits episode twelve: Sledging, chihuahuas and eating extra-hot sauce live on air

One of the most enjoyable shows of presenting at URN, I was joined by show regulars Matt (from Jack and Matt) and Ben, who were on top form. Ben mentions adult films, I mention estate agents and Matt lowers the tone by reminiscing about being assaulted as a child...and then sings about it live on air. Ever wanted to listen to the most irrelevant yet strangely addictive conversation topics ever? You're at the right place.
Follow @gilorules or like me on Facebook - facebook.com/gilesgear

20:16 minutes (18.56 MB)

Best Bits episode thirteen: Beyonce the dog, romantic Santander employee and the most awkward meal of my life

A hugely diverse show today featuring input from show regulars Matt and Ben (the latter thinking up a new superhero called 'Chocolate man') and old friends from home, who text in very misleading messages. I also discover that love is all around, from Boots, to the SU office and all the way in Santander, with the most romantic banker ever!

Follow: @gilorules or Like: Facebook.com/wakeupwithgilesgear

22:33 minutes (20.65 MB)

Best of Gear podcast #1 (Second Year)

A new term of shows and podcasts, but the same old mix of wit, music and slight deviations from sanity. This week featured is Mr Jack Broad from Jack and Matt as we geek out over Made in Chelsea and stalk most of the cast, Giles 'proves' how he technically owns the University of Nottingham campus, and Sian GREEN (Williams) joins me for the first round of 'SU Exec versus Peasants' as I also happen to humiliate myself on air...

All in a day's work. You can tune in LIVE every Wednesday morning 10-12am.

12:04 minutes (11.06 MB)

Best Bits episode two - End of exam merriment, gynaecology and special guests Bane and Batman

This week I was joined by the DELIGHTFUL Jack Wood, re-uniting the pun filled combination of Wood and Gear (insert innuendo).

Enjoy the barmy and bemusing, as we discuss what to do with a Superhero costume after its designated party, how to aptly celebrate the end of exams, ridiculous song choices and Batman and Bane making up their differences live on air...even after Bane broke Batman's back.

Follow the fun on Facebook ('The Morning Show with Giles Gear) and Twitter (@gilorules).

Get listening, get involved, get into Gear.

13:04 minutes (11.97 MB)

Best Bits episode three - the friend zone, 'Who do you think you are?' and a gritty re-write of 'Balamory'

BACK in my natural habitat this week with the new time of 10-12am every MONDAY.

Listen back to all the highlights from an action packed show, including getting my cousin live on air playing 'who do you think you are?', talking about the effect I have on EVERY single girl, My Second Favourite Game and a gritty, more realistic re-write of Balamory, featuring profanity, nudity and angry Scottish people.

Follow the fun on Facebook ('The Morning Show with Giles Gear) and Twitter (@gilorules).

Get listening, get involved, get into Gear.

11:16 minutes (20.63 MB)

Best Bits Episode 4,822 - Embarrassing restaurant experiences, The Worst Song ever and a disappointing sexual experience

Back for one final year, The Morning Show with Giles Gear returned on the 25th October 2013 - designed to kickstart your Friday morning with music, madness and much merriment.

THIS WEEK - Florence Taylor was my latest contestant *cough victim* for 'In One Word', we discuss whether rhyming Monopoly with Broccoli is possibly the best combination ever and I happen to embarrass myself in a public place...yet again.

Keep up with the madness - Facebook.com/Themorningshowwithgilesgear OR on Twitter - @gilorules

7:59 minutes (10.99 MB)

Best Bits Episode: Orphaned Lawnmover needs new loving home

This week's podcast features a lot of people on phones so a) If you like a good phone conversation b) You like listening to other people's phone conversations or c) You are indifferent to phone calls - COME ON IN.

Seven minutes of One Direction bashing, questioning humanity and offering complete strangers all expenses paid trips to Stevenage!

Join me LIVE every week - Fridays @ 10am and find me hanging around the internet on Facebook - "The Morning Show with Giles Gear" and Twitter - @Gilorules

8:52 minutes (10.15 MB)

Best Bits Episode: Got Milk?

If you happen to be lactose intolerant, step away from the computer right now. If you don't mind and/or enjoy a good cup of milk, step this way! Enjoy this week's podcast as I pose deep, profound questions such as "Do the colour of milk lids mean anything?" and "Can Piers Morgan ever be employed again?" (Hint - they both have the same answer).

Oh and I happen to have a phone call with someone PRETTY famous *cough Ian Hislop*

Enjoy this insight into my mind as I go purchase some soothers for my throat - keep in touch with the madness on Twitter - @urn1350

14:14 minutes (16.3 MB)