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The latest campus, Nottingham and student news from our news team. from 3PM on Mon 25th May

About the station

URN is the University of Nottingham's award winning student radio station.You can listen online, on 1350AM on campus or in some of the university's shops and bars.

Are Universities failing to support their LGBT students?

Andy investigated for the Pulse whether LGBT students are supported sufficiently whilst at University.

6:02 minutes (5.52 MB)

How can you donate blood?

The Pulse spoke to Holly Sheen from the Donor Relations Coordinator about when and where you can donate blood at the University of Nottingham.

5:03 minutes (4.63 MB)

The Pulse: 2010 Student Demo Special

On today's Pulse we had a special show that covered the events at the London demonstration where around 50,000 students and lecturers are thought to have taken part in protesting against the the rise in tuition fees and cuts to university spending.

Our Pulse reporters Martin, Lucy, Emma and Katie were in London speaking to protesters about their views on the cuts, and the violence that broke out.

1:21 minutes (1.24 MB)

URN Interviews Daniel Cooper

To find out more about the campaign to prevent cuts in education funding, we at the Pulse caught up with Daniel Cooper who is one of the organisers for the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts.

11:38 minutes (10.64 MB)

The Pulse Investigates: Your Hall, Your Call Campaign

Over the past two days we have been looking into the Your Hall, Your Call campign and finding out what the changes made to the Halls of Residence will mean to Nottingham student.

2:58 minutes (2.73 MB)

The Pulse Investigates: The Truth About Taxis

Over the past term we've been investigating the problems students face when dealing with Taxi companies in Nottingham. On Tuesday 19th June we broadcast a special edition of The Pulse called The Truth About Taxis, looking at these issues. It includes interviews with cabbies, the SU and the city council, your opinions and the results of a survey that we have been running this term.

19:21 minutes (22.14 MB)

The US Election: How does it work?

In the build up to the 2012 Presidential Election, The Pulse team explains how the election is going to work and how it is likely to be decided.

3:25 minutes (3.14 MB)

The US Election: Who should win?

We went around campus to find out what you think about the upcoming US Presidential election, and who should win.

1:17 minutes (1.18 MB)

PCC Elections: David Milliband's view

During David Milliband's visit to campus, we asked him what his views are on the Police and Crime Commissioner elections, and whether they are becoming overly politicized.

0:49 minutes (772.48 KB)

PCC Elections: How will you be voting?

We went around campus to find out if you knew about the Police and Crime Commissioner elections, and whether you'd be voting.

4:22 minutes (4.01 MB)

URN Interviews the University of Nottingham Registrar.

In the build up to the 2012 Demo against the rise in tuition fees, the Pulse team caught up with the Registrar at the University of Nottingham to find out what is being done at the University to tackle the rise in tuition fees.

6:42 minutes (6.14 MB)

The Pulse visits the 2012 DEMO

With the 2012 DEMO happening in protest against the rise in tuition fees, we at the Pulse went down to the demonstration in London to find out the exact of thoughts of the protesters, and what they were hoping to achieve.

2:39 minutes (1.84 MB)

Student Stories: My Anorexia

During Eating Disorder Awareness Week, we sat down with two University of Nottingham Student who to told us all about their eating disorders and during our conversation tried to pinpoint a root cause of their anorexia including how they coped with an eating disorder at university.

65:30 minutes (59.98 MB)

The Plight of Women Worldwide: Malala

The Pulse investigated the case of Malala Yousafzai, the young girl who was shot by the Taliban in Pakistan on her way to school last year. Emma and the team looked at the impact this had had and what it has done for the promotion of education for women and girls worldwide.

25:12 minutes (34.62 MB)

The Pulse Investigates: Student Finance for Muslim Students

With changes proposed to change how Muslim students are affected in claiming their Student Finance by Shariah law, Emma and the Pulse team investigated the problems that Muslim students face when they come to University.

12:00 minutes (12.25 MB)

The Pulse Investigates: Marking Boycott Referendum

In the run up to the upcoming referendum on whether the University of Nottingham Students Union should support the Marking Boycott referendum, we investigated in order to establish what the impact of the result of the referendum would have on students.

9:57 minutes (13.69 MB)

The Pulse Investigates: Is your Student Loan enough?

As the first batch of students who are paying £9,000 per year near the end of their degrees, we are all too aware that students suffer from a series of financial pressures. We therefore investigated this issue to find out whether your student loan can really cover your rent, food and other necessary expenditures.

33:18 minutes (54.24 MB)

The Pulse Investigates: Prescription Fee Charges

As Students come to University, they reach an age at which they are asked to pay prescription fee charges for the first time. To find out how the cost of burden for necessary medication affects students, Sam and Annabel from the Pulse got the stories from around campus and spoke to your Equal Opportunities and Welfare Officer Chloe Averill.

14:59 minutes (13.3 MB)

URN Interviews Bram Mertens

In the wake of the ongoing Marking Boycott, The Pulse caught up with one of the University of Nottingham lecturers, Bram Mertens, to establish why staff feel this action is necessary.

6:03 minutes (13.84 MB)

URN Interviews Your Women's Officers

On Body Confidence Week at the University of Nottingham, the Pulse team spoke to your SU Women's Officers to find out precisely why this is such an important issues and what events are happening around campus.

2:25 minutes (5.54 MB)

Free Education Demo 2014 - A Protestors View

With students participating in a large scale demonstration in favour of Free Education earlier this month, we spoke to one of the protesters to find out why they are campaigning as well as going around campus to find out your views on the issue.

2:58 minutes (6.79 MB)

URN Interviews Matthew Bannister

Anna from the Pulse spoke to University of Nottingham alumni and ex-Director of Radio at the BBC, Matthew Bannister to talk about everything from his career to the merits of Student Radio!

11:04 minutes (25.32 MB)

URN Interviews Sir Andrew Witty

We at URN got a chance to exclusively speak to the University of Nottingham Chancellor, Sir Andrew Witty, about a range of issues including why the University is pursuing a global profile and even his own time as a URN DJ!

11.09 MB

Body Image Concerns: A Welfare Officer's View

The growing success of plus-size model Tess Holliday has led to a debate on body image amongst young people, so we caught up with SU Equal Opportunities and Welfare Officer, Chloe Averill, to find out her view - and to learn what support is available on campus if you have any body image concerns.

3.9 MB

NVRD: Are You Registered to Vote?

The 5th February was National Voter Registration Day, so we spoke to SU President, Harry Copson and Politics Society's Ben Malone about why you should register, before going around campus to find out how many of you have done so!

3.98 MB

#NSM2015 - Nottingham Student Manifesto

In the build up to May's general election, the University of Nottingham's Student's Union, Nottingham Trent's Students Union and New College Nottingham have joined together to publicize a number of issues which matter to the students. Meg and Sam went down to the event, interviewing Lilian Greenwood MP, NUS Representative Rachel Mattey and UoNSU Community Officer, Mike Olatokun.

11.76 MB

URN Interviews Out in Education

Considering their growth around campus, and recent news of homophobic abuse amongst students, we spoke to Lucy and Bryony from the not-for-profit organisation Out in Education about what they do and why education on LGBT issues is necessary.

5.25 MB

Mental Health Awareness Week: Chloe Averill

As the University hosted Mental Health Awareness week, we spoke to your SU Welfare Officer, Chloe Averill about why it is important for students to talk about their Mental Health and what they could expect from the event.

11.12 MB

Mental Health Awareness Week: Hannah Webber

With Mental Health Awareness Week being held around campus, we also spoke to the University of Nottingham's Disability Sports Officer, Hannah Webber about why this event was important how sport can help people with mental health concerns.

8.78 MB

URN Interviews Impact Magazine

With news that Student Magazines and Newspapers may be under threat, we spoke to our on-campus colleagues at Impact Magazine to find out what they do and if they are independent from our SU!

3.81 MB

URN Interviews Student Volunteer Team

In the light of Student Volunteer Week, we have spoken to Shea and Alice from the University of Nottingham Student's Union about what the week will involve and why you should volunteer!

6.05 MB

Does Sexism in Academia exist?

In light of the Oxford University group which is campaigning against everyday sexism in Academia, we spoke to group member Genie Pearce to find out what they're campaigning against and why the problem exists.

3.23 MB

UoNSU announces changes to Week One

The University of Nottingham has announced a raft of changes to how Week One is going to be run in future, with the old Week One exec being replaced by a series of new Welcome Mentors.

9.43 MB

Dr Miwa Hirono to be Deported

In light of the news that the University of Nottingham is set to have one of it's lecturers deported, the URN News team found out more - including by speaking to a current Politics student about the impact the loss will have.

6.72 MB

URN Interviews: Stop The Traffik Society

In the run up to their Clothes Swap event, URN interviewed Stop The Traffik Society to find out more about what they do and why the issue of child trafficking should matter to students.

12.23 MB

URN Interviews: Paul Reed

In the light of the 'lose the lot' campaign which alerted festival goers of the dangers of taking Legal Highs, we spoke to the man leading the campaign, Paul Reed, about the dangers the drugs posed and whether the ban was a restriction on personal freedom.

12.36 MB

#GE2015: What has the Coalition done for you?

With the General Election round the corner, our Pulse team took a look at what the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition had achieved whilst in office.

7.36 MB

#GE2015: What would the Parties do for students?

In an election, the Parties always make a number of promises about what they would do for students. The Pulse analysed each of what the leading politicians offered to do for students, if they were elected to office.

5.82 MB

#GE2015: What happened on Campus?

The University of Nottingham has made a large-scale effort to involve students with the General Election, so the Pulse took a look at what was being done around campus to encourage students to vote.

4.29 MB

URN Interviews: Mike Olatokun

We have spoken to your Student's Union Communities Officer, Mike Olatokun, about the news that the Nottingham Student's Manifesto has been incorporated into future SU Policy.

11.47 MB