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6:00pm Thursday 21st August


The Sport Show is on four times a week, with each show providing a distinct take on the biggest sporting headlines from the University, the local area and around the world.

Tuesday nights we are on air 6-7pm to bring you our verdicts on the most important sporting news from around the world.

Thursdays (6-7pm) have a more local feel, with exclusive interviews from University sport teams as well as the latest coverage of local clubs like Notts County FC, Nottingham Hoods Basketball and Nottingham Panthers Ice Hockey.

Be the first to know what is happening across the Premier league with the sport show bringing you live updates and opinions from every every game each week 3-5.

6-7pm on Sunday evenings you can wrap up the weekend at "The Full Time Whistle", where we set the world of sport to rights, and reflect on lessons learned on and off the field in the past week.

If you want to contact the Sport Editor, are looking to take part in the show or even to promote your sport or team on URN, just email: or tweet @URNSport

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