Thomas Mees

About the show

I'll be playing all the variations of folk and featuring some of the best singer-songwriters of our generation and generations past. That and anything chilled basically! Whether working at that deadline or trying to deny your Monday 9am, you're welcome to hang with me.

20/05/2012 - Long Division 2012 Preview

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Home

Last years highlight...

Los Campesinos! - Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks

Headline act

The Vaselines - Sex with an X

The Vaselines - My God's Bigger Than Your God

Michael Ainsley - Slip Smash

Herman Düne - I Wish That I Could See You Soon

Herman Düne - Tell Me Something I Don't Know

Tiny Planets - Devout Loops

Frànçois & the Atlas Mountains - Les Plus Beaux

Frànçois & the Atlas Mountains - City Kiss

Johnny Foreigner - Criminals

My Sad Captains - Resolutions

The Spills - Frontal Lobe (The Joy Of Checking Once)

Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat - Let's Stop Here

Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat - The Copper Top

Middleman - Good To Be Back

Art Brut - Formed a Band

Art Brut - Lost Weekend

St. Gregory Orange - Pan Away And Fade To Black

The Twilight Sad - Another Bed

The Twilight Sad - I Became a Prostitute

Runaround Kids - Won't Fuck Her Sober

Dutch Uncles - Fragrant

Dutch Uncles - The Ink

My pick for the weekend

Herman Düne - Be A Doll And Take My Heart

imp - My Least Favourite Brunette

Piskie Sits - Sweet Little Weasel

Dan Michaelson And The Coastguards - Pickup

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