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Get all the info on the positions and candidates here and find out what happens when we get them on our elections show!

Question the Candidates

We're giving you the opportunity to pose the questions you want to ask to the candidates here.

The Pulse

Tune in to The Pulse weekdays at 5pm for the latest elections news. Listen to the Pulse Elections Podcast to keep up to date with all the key developments in campaigning.

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The Pulse Elections Podcast

Thursday Week 2: Activities!

added 10.03.11

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The Elections Show

Tune in to The Elections Show weekdays form 6pm to get to know all about the people behind the candidates.

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The Elections Show Podcast

The Elections Show 5 - Activit...

added 14.03.11

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Women's Football

18.05.12 - Meadow Lane

Final score

Uni 1 - 0 Trent