Wear Your Old Band T-Shirt To Work Day

4th December 2008

We decided to get involved with Steve Lamacq’s campaign, ‘Wear Your Old Band T-Shirt To Work Day’! Why you ask? Well:

For too long we have stood aside and watched in silence as so called ‘It Girls’ have paraded around LA and London in Led Zeppelin and Ramones T-shirts – attempting to purchase some credibility but in turn suggesting that the band shirt is nothing more than a fashion accessory.
But no longer! We say dig out your T-shirts and be proud! Show them we care who we wear on our chests; and that we are not going to stand idly by as they undermine the lost art of showing people “we were there at the Brixton Academy in 1998” or “we travelled all the way to Wolverhampton on a Tuesday in November and still have the shirt to prove it.”
– Steve Lamacq.