Michael Jackson auction, Facebook health scare, and the lost city of Atlantis?

20th February 2009

In this weeks show we looked at some of the items up for sale in the upcoming auction of Michael Jackson’s trinkets from his Neverland ranch, including a rather fetching red velvet cape. Tom asserted his credentials as the next David Dickinson by guessing the predicted values of nearly each item (he did far too well.) Check out the items on guardian.co.uk

Don’t accuse us of not being topical either as we discussed the results of a recent study into Facebook, which claims it can be detrimental to your health (you have been warned.) Like all good scientists after much arguing over the function of facebook and stories of grooming we came to no conclusion…

We also sought to expose the all too convenient match.com success story between Adam and Eve(honest) as well as looking at reports Google Earth users had found the lost city of Atlantis…

…they hadn’t.

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Ferg’s change of tactics, to play music he liked over music that fit, worked a treat as his ‘bands from Florida’ foxed everyone including Tom, but a victory for music nonetheless.

Current Score:
Ferg – 5
Tom – 4