Guilty TV Pleasures and “Presenter Idol”

6th March 2009

A show of two halves today. We opened the show with a chat about ‘guilty TV pleasures,’ something everyone can relate to. Tom revealed a secret love of period dramas whilst I raved about Robson Green’s Extreme Fishing 2 (so good in fact that they bought it back for a second series!)

Time was pressing on and Tom had to leave but was able to stick around long enough to nick a point in our connect 4 play off, putting him back in contention for the mixed grill at the end the year. The scores now stand thus;


With Tom to go next he could be right back in it by the end of term.

With Tom having left for an important meeting I felt lonely but help was at hand. As well as giving away tickets to see Mongrel I launched URN’s own (extremely low budget) version of Pop Idol, the aptly named Presenter Idol, in order to fill the void left by Tom. In the last hour I was joined by Wednesday afternoon’s Sameer and Ben from Thursday afternoons who decided to try out the station’s shiny new lie detector on me. It worked.