Tom’s Birthday

24th April 2009

Welcome back everyone,

In the first show of the new term, and as Nottingham basked in the glow of beautiful sunshine, we couldn’t help but mention the weather. I also told a story about an incredibly sleazy man I had seen on the way into the studio who was honking young women as he drove by. STUD. If you have been victim of a honking we still want to know!

The atmosphere in the studio was tense because I had forgotten Tom’s birthday and throughout the show I progressively made things worse by making a series of increasingly poor excuses. Needless to say, happy birthday Tom!

The mood was also tense as I tried to halt my recent slide in connect 4, having held a 2 point lead it was back at 6 a piece and my turn. Fortunately I proved just too stupid for Tom and my ‘all manufactured band’ line up (including NSYNC!) left the scores standing at:


The big news of the week was of course the Summer Party 2009 line up announcements going on at Ocean that night and we looked ahead to what promises to be a great day. We have some great plans related to this so stay tuned, we need you…..

Tom and Ferg x