1st May 2009

1st May 2009

This week Tom and I were out to prove our credentials as real men, with varied success. We also dragged Ben Townsend from Thursday’s afternoon show to join in. After a short quiz it was clear that Ben was definitely in need of some testosterone so we opened up the text to take your suggestions on how to assert your manliness…. What ensued was a bout of arm wrestling ending in mixed results all round.

Meanwhile, having been inspired by the epic Pay It Forward starring Haley Joel Osment Tom was inspired to do everyone a favour (anyone who asked for one anyway) and forced me to come along…. Fortunately this really only manifested itself in the form of people requesting tracks (although some of it was dubstep, do not want.)

More importantly matters turned to connect 4 and the destination of the mixed grill is still well up for grabs with Tom pulling one back to make it:

Tom – 7
Ferg – 7

Thank you for all your texts this week, see you next time!

Good Times!
Love Tom and Ferg.