7th October – Tory Conference, Afghanistan, and Plymouth Abuse Case

6th October 2009

The Big Picture will be back tomorrow with Simon, Richard and David on the panel. We will be discussing:

1. Conservative Party Conference
On Monday the Conservative Party Conference begins. There has already been considerable media attention and speculation as a result of the other party conferences. Details and policies will emerge over the course of the week. Is this the start of the election campaigning?

2. Afghanistan
Following the increasingly regular reports of casualties in Afghanistan, there have been calls for greater funding and resources and a new strategy. Is there sufficient funding for the war, and is it a campaign that ever should have started?

3. Child sex abuse case
A nursery worker and two others have pleaded guilty to a series of child sex abuse charges. There have already been increased measures designed to prevent these cases from occurring, but are the measures effective at all? Should we introduce further measures, or does the law need changing?

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