14th October – Lisbon, U.S. Healthcare, and PM’s Health

12th October 2009

On Wednesday the panel will be covering:

Lisbon Treaty

The Lisbon Treaty is highly likely to be ratified by the Member States of the EU, despite the protests of the Conservative Party. Is there any room for manoeuvre for the Tories, and should a referendum be held?

U.S. Healthcare Reform

President Barack Obama has had considerable problems trying to push through a healthcare reform bill in America. Most Republicans appear to prefer the current system of insurance and accuse Obama of socialism. Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan has also waded into the debate, urging America not to copy the NHS, which he calls a “60 year mistake” he “wouldn’t wish on anyone”. Are Republican concerns valid? Should Obama’s plan go ahead, and should our own system undergo substantial reform?

Prime Minister’s Health

Andrew Marr recently asked Gordon Brown about his health and whether or not health concerns might affect his ability to lead the country, following rumours circulating around Westminster. Despite protests that the Prime Minister’s health was a purely private matter, Downing Street have now released a statement detailing two tears in his retina. Should Gordon Brown’s health be a matter of public speculation and concern?

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