Re-scheduling Sky 1 and Cake Wrecks

17th October 2009

This week Ferg’s new found love for trashy TV (he got his new Virgin box installed, bless him) meant Ferg and Tom had a go at creating a whole new series of programmes to pitch to Sky 1, inspired by the combination of minor celebrities, odd activities and random locations. Have a listen to the podcast on our blog page for the results…

Elsewhere, after last weeks terrible wedding photos, we managed to find more celebration-related mishaps thanks to the wonderful Cake Wrecks blog, click on the link to have a look for yourself. The pics below are only the tip of the iceberg…

More Cake Vicar?

KarniAnd finally, it may be too late by the time you’re reading this but we had Teddy from Karni down to tell us all about the 7-legged bar crawl next monday and how you can get tickets. Click on the picture below to head to the Karni website.

Back again, as always, next Tuesday 2-5pm!