4th November – Roman Karadzic, Drug Laws and MPs Employing Relatives

2nd November 2009

On Wednesday the panel will be covering:


The trial of Roman Karadzic for war crimes has finally begun. He is accused of, amongst other offences, the Srebrenica genocide which resulted in the death of 8000 Bosnians. He has refused to enter a plea and has boycotted the trial, claiming there is a conspiracy against him. He has also repeatedly attempted to delay the trial. Can his protests significantly disrupt the trial? If so, would the integrity and reliability of the ICTY be compromised?


Professor David Nutt was sacked this week for arguing that the government had taken the wrong decision by reclassifying cannabis as a class B drug. He has previously claimed that taking ecstasy is no more dangerous than riding a horse. Should he have been sacked, and is the government’s approach to illegal drugs the right one?

MPs’ Relatives

As part of the effort to “clean up” politics, proposals have been made to prevent MPs from employing their relatives. This has inevitably been opposed by many MPs, including the Commons Leader Harriet Harman. Should MPs be prevented from employing relatives, and is this a matter of public interest?

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