11th November – Philip Laing, Conservatives in the EU and Protest at the Trent Building

11th November 2009

This week the panel will be covering:

War Memorial Incident and Alcohol

A student faces jail for urinating on a war memorial, after getting so drunk he claimed to have no recollection of the evening. The student was on a night out organised by Carnage UK. Although students are perhaps known for their antics, have things gone too far with alcohol?

Conservatives and the EU

Now that the Lisbon Treaty is an inevitability, the Conservatives no longer have the option of the long-promised referendum. What options do they have, and how damaging has this been (and will be) for the Tories?

Protest at the Trent Building

On Wednesday students in Nottingham protested at the arrival of the Israeli ambassador to the UK. The ambassador gave a talk on “Historical Context, Regional Perspectives, and Israel’s Search for Peace”, whilst students objected to university affiliations to the Israeli government. Are the protests justified, and can they be effective?

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