21st Antics & Hang up Karaoke!

16th November 2009

Gaz sheepishly went through a list of formal apologies that spawned from his 21st birthday house party at the weekend, including Gaz & Matt’s how to: lose friends at your own 21st birthday party!
This included:
1. Retire early to the bathroom, ignore the queue, curl up into a ball in the bathtub, puke, whilst allowing a friend to occasionally unblock the drain.
3.When everyone gathers to present you with a cake, firstly tell every girl except your girlfriend in the room that you love them, then continue to blow out the candles seconds previous to throwing up.
5.Get so drunk that your brain starts to think that opening doors is better with your head at ramming speed instead of your hand.
10. Finally ensure that by 1am you are too drunk to function and collapse on a German exchange student that hardly knows you, and expect him to put you to bed. Bonus points if he removes your shoes.

Brilliant! Check out the photo of Matt attempting to prop a paraletic Gaz up!!

We also tried out our new feature Hang-Up Karaoke with guests Kate & Danielle. We each phoned a friend and had to include a song chosen by the listeners into the phone conversation without them figuring it out or hanging up, here’s how it all went: