Predictions – Week 2

17th November 2009

Heres the Week 2 update for Predictions – the new feature on the Sport Show where we put ourselves to the test and see whether we know what we’re talking about.

The Rules of Predictions is simple for an exact prediction you get 3 points, for a correct prediction 1 and if you’re completely off the mark then you lose 2.

1) Brazil 1 – 0 England (Football)
2) England 16 v 9 Argentina (Rugby)
3) England beat South Africa in the 20/20 (Cricket)
4) Pacquiao wins by TKO against Cotto (Boxing)
5) Djokovic wins the BNP Paribus Masters

Current Standings:
1) T.Ryan 14pts
2T) E.Tarlton 11pts
2T) T.Bakers 11pts
4T) J.Lloyd 10pts
4T) S.Bailey 10pts
6T) S.Brown 8pts
6T) A.Hill 8pts
6T) P.Millington 8pts
9) S.Edwards 6pts
10) S.Davies 0pts