25th November – EU Presidency, General Election and Men’s Societies

24th November 2009

Tomorrow the panel will be discussing:

EU Presidency

The Belgian Prime Minister Herman van Rompuy has been named as the new President of the European Council, whilst Baroness Catherine Ashton has been appointed to the foreign affairs post. Are these selections right, and what effect will they have?

The start of the general election campaign?

The Liberal Democrats have stated that they would be prepared to form a coalition with the Conservatives in the event of a hung Parliament, whilst a poll suggests that this is a possibility given that the Tory lead is down to 6 points. Meanwhile, the Queen’s speech was attacked by many groups as being political maneuvring by Labour. Is this the start of the general election campaign?

Men’s societies

The Guardian has reported the increased activity of “men’s societies” at universities in Oxford and Manchester, which have been accused of promoting stereotypes and sexism. Are these groups legitimate support networks, and should they be encouraged, or do they play to sexist stereotypes?

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