Nottingham University Netball – Interview & Sports Quiz

3rd December 2009

Nottingham University’s Netball is experiencing an amazing netball season so far. So the URN Sports team thought it necessary to catch up with the netball club president Miranda Madgin and club captain Charlotte Cousins earlier this week to have a little chat about the season so far and their outlook for Varisty 2010.

Three out of five teams at the top of their league, three out of four teams through to the third round of the BUCS cup and four teams in line for promotion play offs including the first team potentially into the premier league. All teams have defeated Trent every time we have come up against them, with our fifth team beating both their third and fourth team and the second team beating them by twenty goals. Our first two weeks of the season we came away
with wins by all teams, even now half way through the season, as a club, we have a winning percentage above 80%. This has all been made possible with an amazing intake of freshers and hard work from everyone within the club.

But as a guest on the Sport Show they had to face the infamous Sports Quiz! The challenge being to correctly answer as many questions as possible within two minutes. Alex Hingers leads the current table with a high score of 28 so lets see how the Netball team got on:

28 the target to beat and…unfortunately they missed out on topping the table by 3 points scoring a respectable 25.

Interviewed & edited by Tom Ryan