Radio Masterchef! chilli flakes, whipped cream and SABOTAGE!

5th December 2009

This was the day the genius that is Masterchef came to URN to create the never before attempted (for v sensible reasons)

Three contestants had 15 minutes to create, present and name an original dish to excite the pallete of our wise and talented panel of judges. Using just the ingredients provided (jam, hulahoops, chocolate fingers, grapes etc..). As well as being given a selection of plates and cooking utensils to aid presentation and mashing ability!

The contestants were pushed to their culinary limits, the pressure causing one nameless contestant forced to resort to down and dirty chilli flake sabotage on what looked like a whipped cream and hula hoop trifle known only as ‘candy nipple mountain’, a crafty move but also something we as the judges got the brunt of in the tasting session..

Needless to say the dishes produced were both exciting and varied which can be seen in the range of faces pulled by Ben Townsend our honourary judge, hopefully the video will be up in my video section shortly, so if u didnt catch the show make sure you check it out!

till next time!
Polly xxxx