Barry Chuckle? Still Alive? Christmas and all sorts…

10th December 2009

Hey all,

For the final show before Christmas we tried to not to be too festive and failed miserably.

First up was cracker jokes, following our collection we amassed at the Media Ball, we were asking what your favourites were…

If you click on the photo, you can see a load more, but our personal favourite was this fine example:

Q: How does Santa like his pizza?
A: Deep pan, crisp and even.

Elsewhere, one of the fastest-growing facebook groups caught our eye, click the link and be prepared to see Harry Potter in a whole new light…

And in other news, Barry Chuckle isn’t dead or a good friend of Mr. T as some reviews would have you believe, but he is starring in panto with his other comedy half Paul this Christmas, catch them in Leicester on the 12th December.

That’s all for this year folks, Merry Christmas!

Love Ferg and Tom