Alliterations, Text Crisis, & global us!

22nd January 2010

Looking back on our show, the amount of alliteration used to create features startled me;

‘Heard in Hallward’ kicked off nicely with some disturbingly funny quotes overheard in Hallward; “I had such good chat last night, shame she was my cousin. I had her frothing” being a particular favourite!

In the news this week it was announced that big bums are healthy, and after discovering an online game where you have to tell the difference between a ‘Bum or a Boob’, we invited Hugh from the pulse in to challenge Matt’s female body knowledge, the overall score was Matt 6- Hugh 5!

We chatted about ‘House Hunting’ and whether we had any tips for things to look out for in a student house, concluding that a microwave isn’t an appliance, it’s a way of life!

We restarted our favourite feature ‘Text Crisis’ where people who went to Crisis @ Rock City text in with their embarrassing stories and texts, my favourites being:
“I just want you to know that the entire hall can hear you, ‘Captain C*ck’!”- Jack
“I did a striptease for my boyfriend and stood on an upturned plug”- Anon

And we had a taster of our international fame with people texting in from Sicily, New York, and… KEELE!

See you next week!