27th January 2010 – Haiti, Sarah’s Law, and Google in China

29th January 2010

This week, the panel covered:

1. Haiti
With the Haitian government declaring the search for survivors over, can the international aid effort be more effective than it already has been and redirect efforts?

2. Sarah’s Law
It has been suggested that the controversial “Sarah’s law”, which alerts parents to paedophiles in the area, may be expanded from the trial areas in Southampton, Warwickshire, North Cambridgeshire and Stockton on Tees. The government have said that the trials have shown the results of the measure to be “extremely encouraging”. Is there a danger that sex offenders could be driven underground and police monitoring could be made more difficult?

3. Google in China
Google have threatened to leave China unless they are allowed to run a service without government-imposed filters on search results. This was provoked by the hacking of several Google accounts, alleged by some to have been done by the Chinese government. Can Google have any real political effect in this, and should they be allowed to run an unfiltered service?

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