American Football – Match Preview

2nd February 2010

VARSITY 2010 IS UPON US!!! With the series kicking off THIS Sunday (07/02/10) with the American Football at the Harvey Stadium at 13:00 (buses available from campus & the Savoy Cinema at 12:30). The Sports Team were able to catch up with some of the players this week to discuss the season so far and their outlook for the opening event of Varsity 2010!


Back room changes dominated the start of Outlaws preseason. Head Coach Simon Dale
stepped down to concentrate his time on his wife’s pregnancy. The vacancy was
quickly filled by Defensive Co-ordinator Chris Davies. He was joined by recent
Outlaws alumni Alex “Flash” Gordon and Jack Carroll as Offensive Co-ordinator and
Wide Receivers coach respectively. The new coaching set up planned meticulously for
the start of training and with the split from Nottingham Trent the Outlaws looked
to recruit heavily for the upcoming season. An unprecedented 100 people attended
the first training session aimed mostly at those who had never played the game
before. With the team training hard; weeks flew by and the opening game soon

Successful Field Goal Attempt - Outlaw Imaging

08/11/2009 @ Leicester Longhorns
The Outlaws once again travelled to Leicester hoping to repeat last year’s opening
day victory over the Longhorns. The game was a torrid affair with Outlaws mistakes
on both sides of the ball contributing to an embarrassing 34-6 defeat. The only
highlight being a first touchdown for Rob Mobey.

15/11/2009 v Lincoln Colonials
With only a loss to their names the Outlaws went into their second game hoping to
prove this would not be the season’s theme. With Grove Farm waterlogged a makeshift
pitch was created on University Park’s 3G Astro using flour to mark the touchlines.
The Outlaws started the game in remarkable fashion. The offence driving down the
field and scoring 2 quick touchdowns whilst the defence stopped the Colonials
moving the ball at all. Lincoln fought their way back into the game and managed to
score a touchdown in the second half. The Outlaws defence continued to stand firm
and forced 3 interceptions during the game. During the 4th quarter Sam White ran in
another Outlaws touchdown to finish the game with 3TDs and over 200 yards rushing.
Final score 26-8 to the Outlaws.

Take A Knee! - Outlaw Imaging

22/11/2009 @ Loughborough Aces
Having convincingly beaten their last opponents the Outlaws travelled to their
bitter rivals Loughborough hoping to cause an upset. The game was an attritional
affair with both sides utilising the rushing game on a wet and muddy pitch. The
Outlaws defence led by linebacker James “Bo” Beaumont contained the Aces offence
forcing them to punt on several occasions. One of these led to a dropped catch by
the Outlaws punt return on their own goal line, leaving the Aces an easy
opportunity to open the scoring. Another special teams play, this time a block punt
in the Outlaws endzone, gave Loughborough their second score. The Outlaws heads
didn’t drop and they continued to fight hard and with the final drive of the half
fell just 2 yards short of scoring. The second half continued in a similar vein and
the Outlaws eventually got their break when Rick Jackson caught a Simon Denning
pass and ran into the endzone. Both teams wouldn’t relent and as the game headed
towards it’s conclusion the Outlaws offence had one last chance to level the score.
A series of great plays and defensive penalties allowed the Outlaws to drive half
the length of the field. Unfortunately for the Outlaws their efforts fell short
when the Aces forced an interception. Though the Outlaws had lost they had fallen
just short against one of the league’s best teams losing 13-8.

Outlaw Imaging

06/12/2009 @ Sheffield Sabres
Coming off a bye-week the Outlaws hoped to continue the momentum they had been
building over the past 2 games. However it soon became apparent that Sheffield had
no intention of letting this happen. Dominating both sides of the ball the Sabres
found themselves several scores up by half time. The second half was a more
balanced affair. The outlaws defence standing firm and forcing many Sabres drives
to end early and the offence beginning to put drives together. The Outlaws
eventually scored when Rick Jackson caught his 3rd touchdown in 3 games. The
Outlaws left demoralised but knew their best had not been on display. Outlaws lose

Varsity 2010 - American Football - Outlaw Imaging