17th February 2010 – MI5, Afghanistan, and Greece

15th February 2010

This week the panel will be covering:

MI5 and Binyam Mohamed

MI5 has denied accusations of a cover-up after claims were made that it misled MPs over the treatment of former detainee Binyam Mohamed. Judges released a summary of what MI5 had known about his treatment based on documents secretly shared with London by Washington. Should the summary have been released, or is it damaging to the war on terror? More broadly, is torture justifiable in extreme circumstances for the purposes of interrogation?


Nato and Afghan forces have begun a major operation in Afghanistan to clear out the Taliban from large areas. Can the assault be effective, and was it wise to forewarn that the operation was going to take place?


Greece is seeking a financial rescue package from the eurozone in order to reduce its public deficit, and is now considering substantial cost-cutting proposals. Should other countries help-out, and if so how will other countries be affected?

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