Love on the Line and PostSecrets Revealed

6th March 2010

Although the amount of listeners and texts was due to the unveiling of our new competition love on the line, we ignored that fact and pretended it was because we’re the coolest kids around!

After the horrors that was Valentines day, combined with the popularity of selling our newsgirl Katie, we concocted the biggest and best feature known to man: ‘Love on the Line’, where a guy/girl phones in with a girl/guy in mind they want to ask out, and the best reasoning gets the chance to ask her on a free 3 course meal for 2 at the award-winning 1877!!

Congratulations to Dave & Hannah who beat off tough competition to win their dream date, tune in next week to see what’s up for grabs!

We busted open the female phonomenon that is POSTSECRETS, where people send emo-style postcards to a website, saying daft things like:

Sometimes I check local animal centres to see if my ex-husband got rid of the dog, the same way he got rid of me, which we decided meant she was just newly single, and wasn’t living the life of debauchery that she expected, and:

I’m a little girl trapped in a woman’s body which after much debating whittled down to either puberty issues, or she’s just showing off the fact she’s got a pair.