Eric Prydz Blows Away Crasher

7th March 2010

Eric Prydz delivered on Saturday, pure and simple. 3 months ago he welcomed in the new decade headlining the Ministry of Sound O2 Arena gig. He is being billed as the 3rd biggest name to play the Saturday night at Ultra Festival, which kicks off in two weeks time in Miami and looks to be the biggest dance music festival to happen this year. He’s on the front cover of this months DJ mag. And last saturday he headlined a Saturday night at Gatecrasher Nottingham. Not entirely sure what the biggest achievement there is.

Being by far the biggest act the newly launched Fade Saturday night at Gatecrasher has for the next few months, the night had to deliver to encourage people back. With Funkagenda and Vitalic over the next two weeks, they lack the mainstream pulling power that your Prydz or Calvin Harris (30th May) have, so there was a lot pressure for Crasher to pull off a strong night.

If you remove the somewhat ominous scrum to get in the club, which we’ll put down to first night nerves on their part, it’s fair to say Crasher is the most spectacular club to behold in Nottingham. If you haven’t been there since it burnt down you have to go back. While it offers a fantastic Wednesday night alternative with cheap drinks, Saturdays give you the opportunity to get up close and personal with the worlds best DJ’s and producers. And it doesn’t have to cost much. Win tickets on our show #yes shameless plug# like the ten lucky people did this week and you don’t have to pay the reasonable £16 entry to see a world class DJ. If you enter our competition for tickets, you get £8 entry anyway (so why wouldn’t you listen) #plug over# and get a student wrist band as you enter and you get student priced drinks. It’s a student night with a world famous DJ for the same price.

Most importantly though, the music’s brilliant. Eric Prydz hit all the right notes, strong base lines from his Cirez D alias, some fantastic melodies from his work as Pryda, and a set that ended with Pjanoo and his remix of Calvin Harris’s flashback causing the crowd to go mad. Half way through he dropped his newest remix, the soon to be released Faithless ‘Not Going Home’, which doesn’t have a big room feel, it has an arena bursting sound. It takes everything that you love from a Faithless track, and amplifies it, the crowd lapped it up. Standing in centre of ‘the pit’, bombarded from either side by Crasher’s fantastic speaker system, I truly felt that dance music was alive in Nottingham for the first time this year.

So the take home message from all of this is don’t miss out again. If you truly love your dance music, your tech, house, trance and more importantly just good songs to move to, head down to Gatecrasher over the next few weeks. Vitalic, Chris Lake and Fedde Le Grand are all coming out in the next few months so don’t miss your chance to have a pretty awesome, cheap night, that most of all brings world class musicians straight to your door.

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