4 down, 10 Points to go!

9th March 2010

With the Series currently at 3-1 to Uni, the next two weeks see Varsity reach near completion. Between now and March 22nd the wonderful city of Nottingham sees 5 sports played out representing 9 points, and with no half points this year, the only way Varsity can still be undecided going into the cricket on 6th June is if the scores stand at 7-6 to either University. URN’s very own Sam Edwards looks at where the points are likely to be won and lost, and attempts as best possible to predict the scores of each match.

Last year: Uni 26-43 Trent

This season: Competing in the same league, Trent and Uni have already been fighting it out this season which has seen Trent finish bottom winning 1 and losing 9, with Uni finishing 3rd from 6 wins and 4 defeats.

Review: Despite Trent’s victory last year, it seems their season has not gone particularly well, although some of their defeats have been close affairs, possibly due to a mass exit of third years, whereas Uni have enjoyed a decent season finishing mid-table. As we all well know the form book goes out of the window come Varsity, so Trent will be looking to resurrect a poor season, but Uni, who have beaten their local rivals twice already this year, will go in as favourites and look likely to grab the point.

Prediction: Uni 25-15 Trent
Varsity Score: Uni 4-1 Trent


Last year: Uni 58-50 Trent

This season: Trent have gained promotion into the Premier division this year, winning conference 1A with one game left, boasting a 100% record from seven games. Uni are two leagues below, not fairing very well, winning 1 and losing 6.

Review: As much as it pains me to say, there is nothing negative that can be said about Trent’s season which has seen them blitz a strong league with little resistance. Uni will have their work cut out, and unfortunately I can see nothing other than Uni struggling against this unbeaten Trent team.

Prediction: Uni 36-65 Trent
Varsity score: Uni 4-2 Trent

Last year: Uni 48- Trent 61

This season: Uni have finished 4th in league 1A, winning 4 and losing 6 games, one league above Trent in 2A, who also finished 4th.

Review: Both have had similar records this year with Uni playing against better opposition, and this experience of higher quality opposition may just be the telling factor on the 11th March. This proves to be a very close game, where I feel Uni will just edge it to bring themselves 3 victories away from the title.

Prediction: Uni 56-50 Trent
Varsity score: Uni 5-2 Trent


Last year: Uni 15-0 Trent

This season: Another Trent team which boast a 100% record, only conceding 7 points in total from their five matches. Uni play two leagues above and have finished 5th, winning 4 and losing 8.

Review: Trent are used to playing teams with a lot less quality than Uni, and could find themselves unstuck against much improved opposition. That being said, Trent have annihilated their league and are a much better team than the league they are in. Uni have done well in a tough league, but Trent’s confidence from a perfect season will just shine through.

Prediction: Uni 17- Trent 22
Varsity score: Uni 5-3 Trent

Last year: Uni 13-13 Trent

This season: The complete opposite of their women’s team, Trent have not won a single game in the league this year, and with a points difference of -256 most games haven’t been close. Uni are in the same league and have finished 4th winning five and losing seven.

Review: Uni have beaten Trent twice already this year (41-12 and 15-8) and will be certain favourites to make it a third. Just as I struggle to see the attraction of Rock City as a club, I struggle to imagine anything other than a Uni victory for this game at Meadow Lane on the 15th March. If you want to watch a guaranteed Uni victory, then watch this! If Uni don’t win, I will apologise.

Prediction: Uni 32- 10 Trent
Varsity score: Uni 6-3 Trent

Last year: 0-0

This season: Both teams are in the same league, the one below the Premier, with Uni finishing 6th and Trent in 2nd with records of 2-0-8 and 5-1-4 respectively.

Review: Uni have enjoyed some decent post-season friendly results against higher league opposition after a disappointing campaign. Trent have coped much better in the league, beating Uni 6-1 and 3-1 already this season, and as such will enter the game as favourites to win this Varsity point.

Prediction: Uni 1-2 Trent
Varsity score: Uni 6-4 Trent

Last year: Uni 3-3 Trent

This season: Uni have spent the season in the Northern Premier league, one division above Trent who can be found in Midlands Conference 1A. Uni managed 3 wins, 2 draws and 5 defeats from their ten matches, finishing 5th, whereas Trent have just won their league and have beaten Northern Premier winners Leeds in the cup.

Review: The news on campus is that Uni should not have been relegated this year and are better than the league suggests, backed up by their performances in the cup which has seen them reach the final in May. Trent meanwhile have enjoyed a successful campaign winning their league, but look like (due to complicated BUCS promotion ladders) they may just miss out on promotion. A very close match-up is on the cards at Meadow Lane, possibly even going all the way. Unfortunately, Sven will not be watching from his director’s box!

Prediction: Uni 1-1 Trent (Trent to win 6-4 on penalties)
Varsity score: Uni 6-5 Trent

HOCKEY- Women’s
Last year: Uni 5-1 Trent

This year: Both teams have won their respective league. Uni have gained promotion from Midlands Conference 1A into the Premier League with a record of 8-0-2 and Trent have finished top of the league two below, with promotion from 2B to 2A, as, worryingly, another team from the other side of the city with a 100% record.

Review: Although Trent have managed an unbeaten season, Uni have performed exceptionally at a very high standard. Trent are bound to stumble against a much higher level of opposition than they are used to, with Uni looking likely to repeat last year’s victory. Trent may prove tougher opposition than Uni have faced in the league, but our girls in green are likely to come through and make Trent taste defeat for the first time in 2009/10, and all but secure the Varsity 2010 title for the elite of Nottingham students.

Prediction: Uni 4-1 Trent
Varsity score: Uni 7-5 Trent

Last year: Uni 3-3 Trent

This season: Trent finished 4th in the top league with an average record of 3-1-6. Uni finished 2nd in the league below, missing top by 2 points, boasting a 7-1-2 record and scoring 8 goals in several games.

Review: The stalemate of last year will have to be decided in 2010, and this match looks like another close call. Uni have confidence in the locker after a solid season, but Trent have performed admirably in the top league. The two teams have met recently, resulting in a perhaps surprising 3-2 victory to Uni who will as a result have the psychological edge over their opponents. Trent, though, will be looking to avenge this defeat in what could quite easily be the closest game of the whole series.

Prediction: Uni 2-3 Trent
Varsity score: Uni 7-6 Trent


Last year: Uni won by 6 wickets

This year: The league has not started yet, but this year Uni are in the Conference Midlands 1A with Trent are 1 league below in 2A.
Review: With a resounding victory from Uni last year, they are the favourites to win the final game of Varsity 2010 at Trent Bridge. The long delay (due to the ever annoyance of exams and mediocre Nottingham weather) before this final match will not faze either team, but competing in a tougher league they will have the experience and ability to ensure the trophy remains in the University of Nottingham cabinet for another 12 months.

Prediction: Uni win by 5 wickets/ 50 runs (Dependant on who bats first)
Varsity score: Uni to win series by 8 points to 6!

by Sam Edwards