Rugby Union – Build Up!

14th March 2010

This season Nottingham University have won 5 games and lost 7 in a league that included Loughborough 1sts, Leeds Met 1sts and Newcastle 1sts. Nottingham Trent on the other hand, have lost all 12 games this season shipping a mammoth 352 points. This coupled with the pre-season thrashing at the hands of Uni (44-12), would seem to suggest that Trent stand little chance in this Varsity game.

However the ‘varsity effect’ is bound to make Trent lift their game. After the complacency last year of the Uni team they have a huge point to prove add to this the fact that several members of their club have played for Nottingham this year it would appear that it is Uni’s game to lose.

Men’s Rugby Union Interview:

Interviews with various member of the Uni team have highlighted that they feel the ability of their backline will prove the difference. However it is the hard edged nature of Trent’s pack that will have to be overcome if Uni want to prevent a re-run of last year’s embarrassing draw.

Before the Men’s game gets underway though there is of course Women’s Rugby Varsity kicking off at 17:00. URN were lucky enough to catch up with one of the players and talk to her about her thoughts on the game ahead.

Women’s Rugby Union Interview:

Strap yourselves in and get ready for war, because in a small corner of Nottingham on Tuesday 16th, under the floodlights of Meadow Lane, all hell is going to break lose as Uni and Trent collide once more in a Varsity series tie-breaker.

Jamie Loyd & Moyo Osinibi discuss the build up to Rugby Union Varsity 2010:
by Jamie Loyd & Moyo Osinibi