Women’s Football – Match Preview

18th March 2010

This season promised to be an exciting new start for NUWFC following promotion the previous season. After saying goodbye to the majority of the 1st team who graduated, the club was in need of recruiting some new blood into the squad. We were not disappointed.

The standard of entry this year was very high and the captains were left with the difficult decision of narrowing down the talent. However the season did not start as planned. With defeats throughout the winter term due to missed chances, poor refereeing and uni commitments moral had dropped, and the team faced relegation before Christmas.

However in true NUWFC spirit, the squad pulled together and dug deep to pull out two gutsy performances escaping them from relegation. Spurred on by this the squad felt optimistic about 2010.

Unfortunately the four weeks off at Christmas didn’t work in our favour. The momentum gained from the end of the first term had disappeared and we slowly slipped into relegation.

Unfortunately our results this year have not reflected our team’s capability. We will be looking to set that straight at Varsity! I have no doubt that the team will put on their best performance and demonstrate the hard work the girls have achieved in preparation for this event. They have taken the knock backs in their stride and come back fighting stronger. For this reason I know that no matter what Trent has to throw at us, NUWFC will be more than a match. It has been a pleasure playing with the girls this season, and I would like to take this opportunity to wish the girls good luck. I know you will do yourselves and your uni proud.

Anna Mawston 1st XI Vice Captain.

Preview video – Skills School & Crossbar Challenge (made in conjunction with NUTS)

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As all guests to the URN Sport Show have to, here is the girls valiant attempt at the Sports Quiz: