24th March 2010 – U.S. Healthcare Reform, Unions and B.A., and Lobbying

24th March 2010

Today the panel will be covering:

American Healthcare Reform

After much debate, the American healthcare reform bill has finally passed congress and will shortly be signed into law. How significant are the reforms, and do they go far enough?

Unions and BA

The union Unite has begun strikes in protest over cost-cutting plans by BA, despite various negotiation attempts between the two sides. Are the strikes justified? Is there a political aspect to them?


Channel 4 and The Times investigated the practice of lobbying this week and claimed several MPs, some of whom were ex-Ministers, were willing to try to influence policy in exchange for money. This has brought considerable attention to the practice of lobbying, labelled by David Cameron as the next big political scandal. Are the current restrictions on lobbying sufficient?

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