Trying Not To Get LOST In A Cave

4th April 2010

As exclusive parties go, Lost in a Cave has to take the biscuit. An eclectic mix of music lovers gathered Friday night for some hardcore house music which started off in a pub of all things. So I know what your first thought is, doesn’t sound like much of a rave, but oddly enough there was certainly a tension in the pub. A palpable air of excitement was clear, mainly because no one knew what to expect.
God that’s a posh paragraph to start off with, lets get back into some more Progression Remixed talk.

For a pub gig, and don’t worry it did progress, the dj’s were fantastic. A really strong set from the warm up guys included some strong funky house that was only let down by the fact there was just one guy dancing. Poor guy, poor djs.

So then it was time to move to the infamous caves. With glow sticks in hand, the party of us, around 60, headed next door, to another pub full of bikers (proper old school rockers with leather jackets) and straight through to the basement. And then the magic began.

Below the Royal Children are the weirdest collection of underground rooms I’ve ever seen. Two smaller sitting rooms are found either side of the main corridor, perfect for small groups to hang out in, and apparently smoke in (it’s all legal underground). And then the main room, an odd tunnel with leather seats on either side and a room that hangs only a few inches from my head. I’m not exactly tall either.
Maybe not the vast cove I expected to see for a rave but the place had a charm to it. A few more scrumpy jacks down and people did loosen up, no one really seemed to be having a bad time. The night was let down however by the sound system, which completely failed a few times when the music was cranked up, and with all due respect to the dj’s playing, which included a star studded parade with experience coming from Pacha, Eden and Sankey’s, the gig came off as an intermit house party rather than a full on rave. There was some quality house music being played but both the tempo and the style failed to progress, staying at a continuous underground/minimalistic pace which just needed to been ratcheted up a little to keep people dancing. No ones asking for Journey, but dropping in some funky or progressive house half way through the hour long set would keep the dance floor on its toes. However, with the music keeping a fairly routine groove, people preferred to lounge around either upstairs in the pub or in the side caves. The rave side of things never really got going.

Don’t take this as a knock against lost itself though. It was entirely environmental factors that caused the night to end on a 3* rather than a Prydz 4 ½* (yeh, we do rating now). The cave didn’t really fit the crowd, which in turn didn’t really fit the music entirely. The elements themselves were right, an intimate gig, good underground music and some caves, but with such a small crowd it was difficult to loose yourself in the music, where the gigs in Gatecrasher, including one this week accompanying the awesome trance line up at Ultra, will marry the perfect environment with strong underground music.

However, it is important to emphasise what Lost has achieved. Matt Turner (R-A-K-I-T-T) has brought an Ibiza style night to the East Midlands and is offering some quality music in a club that we are in love with. If you like your house music, this is perfect for you, as most importantly you’ll be with people who also love that genre, and from a personal perspective I’m still trying to find that in Nottingham.

All I can say is stay tuned, some changes are hopefully coming, and here at Progression Remixed, we’re leading the charge to bring dance music back to Notts.

Progression Remixed