Artist In Focus – Afrojack

7th May 2010

So it’s the new term and more importantly, it’s summer, which as everyone knows dance music comes to the front of our audio spectrum. Whether it’s jetting off to Ibiza, lounging around on a Greek Island for a week or like me, hitting the worlds biggest dance music festival Creamfields late August, there is no escaping from 130+ bpm for the next few months.

So to mark the best time of the year, we have a new feature, artist in focus. Each week myself and Simon will highlight either a new rising star or veteran DJ who you will be hearing big things from this summer. More importantly you’ll be able to work out who the hell makes that song you keep hearing everywhere. Poor old Sydney Sampson, no one really knows who he is, yet Riverside fails to go away. So we’re going to give you a head start and show you who’s got the sound of summer 2010.

Week 1 goes to the fastest rising house DJ in the world, Afrojack. Born in Holland, he’s the leader in the new Dutch house revolution, as Laidback luke and Sydney Sampson continue to produce quality tracks. However, it’s Afro that leads the way, bagging himself a new best friend and production partner, David Guetta, following some spectacular remixes from the one love album. Their new track, louder than words, still reverberates round my living room on a daily basis, I’m even going to risk it and say it’s the best song Guetta has ever done.

Afrojack has a very unique style, with a strong R&B Garage influence. A lot of the sounds in his songs are manipulated voice recordings, and as the mini mix shows, it can lead to a distinctive and slightly repetitive sound. However, with so much of house music sounding so similar at the moment, Afrojack has come along and carved out a unique niche within the genre, hence his success.

While you may not have been exposed to much of Afrojack at the moment, its only a matter of time until he hits it big with a track. He produces far more tracks and remixes on a weekly basis than any other house artist around, apart from Pryda who can produce two tracks by playing one song either forwards or backwards. Its well worth checking out his Example remix if you want a bit more vocal to your music, and Afrojack seems to excel in taking fresh pop songs and putting his own unique slant on them.

So top tip for this summer number 1 goes to Afrojack. With friends in high places like the Swedish House Mafia, Tiesto and David Guetta, he’s never going to be short of a record label, and it will only take one song to blast possibly the worlds tallest DJ into global stardom.