Tri-Campus Games Coverage: Day 1

6th June 2010

The URN sports show’s exclusive blog by Ed Tarlton who is out in Malaysia at the Tri-Campus Games.

Day 1:

I’ve never been much of a traveller. Flick through my passport and that will become apparent almost immediately. However, when I was offered the opportunity to go to Malaysia for this year’s tri-campus games tournament, all expenses paid, I jumped at the chance. A total of 6 sports have sent UK representatives over here, Football (my sport), Badminton, Volleyball, Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee and Table Tennis.

Having met at the sports centre at 3.30pm on Friday and been allocated our own personal ‘Team UK’ jackets (the sizing guide of which, coincidentally, has been a nightmare – but we won’t go into that) we set off on what ended up being approximately a day’s travelling. A 4 hour coach to Heathrow, a 2 hour wait, a 14 hour flight, during which I managed to watch roughly every film and TV programme Malaysia Airways had to offer me, plus another 2 hours to get through Malaysian customs and to the Nottingham Campus. So a total of say, 22 hours, throw in the 7 hour time difference and you have the recipe for some fairly horrific jet lag. Which I’m still suffering from.

The Malaysian campus is situated around 30km outside the capital city, Kuala Lumpa. The first thing that hit the 60 or so dishevelled UK athletes as we disembarked our coach was the stifling heat. Even though it gets dark at about 7pm, the humidity seems to remain throughout the night. The football squad went out at about 11pm to examine our prospective pitch, which isn’t grass as such, instead just lots of little plants and incredibly bumpy. There’s also moths the size of robins and some of the womens footballers claimed to have found a coachroach in one of their rooms last night…indeed the wildlife is something out of the ordinary!

We’re set to train at about 10am to avoid the midday sun which will probably be the worst. We’ve been informed that the key burn-time is 12-3 and since it hits highs of 35 degrees out here and we have only a day of acclimitisation it may be wisest to avoid too much heat training too early.

So with my jet-lag beginning to blur the keys of this keyboard I will bid you adieu from Malaysia for the time being.