Tri-Campus Games Coverage: Day 2

8th June 2010

Having managed to eat our way through 20 Ringets (Mayalsian currency…roughly 5 to the pound) worth of food upon our arrival yesterday, it’s fair to say that our first full day in Malaysia got off to a fairly lazy start. Temperaure’s started high and it got progressively hotter throughout the day, with most of us resorting to carrying 2 litre bottles of water around with us all the time.

Following breakfast of rice and chicken (slightly unorthadox to the UK team at least, most of whom are perhaps more accustomed to the traditional cereal option at breakfast) most athletes begun to quickly piece together training sessions. I use the phrase piece together on account of the fact that no teams have brought their designated coaches with them. Simialarly with only one day to acclimatise to the humid conditions, the majority wanted to have some form of gage of what to expect when we began our respective tournaments.

The football squad went for training at 10am, in an attempt to try and avoid the 12-3pm sun. However, having had to stop for water breaks every 8 minutes or so and with myself almost on the point of passing out after doing some fairly straightforward goalkeeper exercises we left the session after fifty minutes. Most UK representatives spend their time in the pool when they’re not training, as the campus is fairly remote and we’ve been advised not to travel to the local surroundings but instead head straight to Kuala Lumpa.

Having had an afternoon training session which was far more successful due to the cooler climatic conditions since it rains at roughly 4 o’clock every day, we headed to the campus’ attempt at a miniture version of the Portland building for the games opening ceremony, where we were joined by our Malaysian and Chinese counterparts and were addressed by the former Malaysian Prime Minister…always nice to know you’re in good company. Having taken something called the atheletes oath which ended with a chorus of ‘Friendship through Sport’ from all of us we were once again left to our own devices, so a few tactics discussions and and early night beckoned.

I look forward to keeping you up to date with all the goings on over here, with events beginning tomorrow, my own included with a 4.15pm fixture against China.

Wishing you well from TCG Malaysia.